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Deviant Moon - X of Pentacles

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Deviant Moon - X of Pentacles

I have been looking at this card today and had a few new insights... as there is no thread for this card I am being bold and creating one!

These are my thoughts:

Everything appears to be as it should be in this card. The father and son play chess, maybe the father is teaching the son, or perhaps this is more than just a game of chess that is being shared. He could be preparing the son to take over his estate. The pentacles around the window, frame the factories and industry. So it looks like the father has become wealthy through hard work by himself and others. The cradle moon sits perfectly balanced holding her lamp high to guide the young man on his journey maybe. The shape of the moon is echoed in the hats worn by the father and son, which to me suggests both the wisdom and duplicity of the Moon. Both of which may be needed to succeed in business.

Under the table is a naked person who has stolen one of the chess pieces, it is one of the son's pieces I think. This seems to show that although the son appears to be winning, he has not yet finished, and some sacrifices must be made on the way. I think it may also be saying don't ignore the little people as they are needed to get you where you are now.

I love this card it has so much in it. Would love to know what other DM lovers think.

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From the LWB:

A wealthy father schools his son in a game of chess, sharing his knowledge not only of the game, but of life as well. Ten pentacles form an arch around the window, framing the boy’s future inheritance. Unbeknownst to them, a servant has quietly stolen the king piece.

The servant comes in useful for the reversed meanings of the card:

Unfortunate family matters. Loss of home or money.
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