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"The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot-EVER!!" Exercise 1

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"The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot-EVER!!" Exercise 1

Exercise one is called Face Value. For this exercise you need your study deck (minor arcana) with each suit arranged Ace through King. Starting with the suit of Wands, look at the Ace and notice what you observe. Try putting yourself into the picture and note what you see and feel, do any particular symbols catch your attention or is there action you notice most? What is important here is what you notice and feel, what does this card say to you? Take 2-3 minutes for each card and do this exercise at least once a day for a few weeks.

Have fun with this! Sometimes the goofiest stuff pops into your head-and sometimes your mind goes blank. If that happens just go on to the next card and see what that one has to say.
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Join Date: 09 Feb 2009
Location: New York USA
Posts: 799
Exercise 1 RWS

Ace: Exercise 1 is more fun than you can shake a stick at!!
2: Someday this will all be mine.
3: Waiting is hard; I’d rather be on one of those boats doing something!
4: They always make me feel welcome.
5: They’re supposed to be cleaning the backyard…
6: It took a lot of work, but now even my horse looks up to me.
7: It was just a joke; I didn’t mean anything by it! Don’t you guys have a sense of humor?
8: This card doesn’t make a lot of sense, are they coming down or have they just been launched?
9: My head is bloody but unbowed.
10: He should look where he’s going, and is that the best way to carry those sticks?
Page: Funny, my stick is the only thing around here to show signs of life.
Knight: An accident looking for a place to happen.
Queen: Don’t mope around the castle, get out there and make a difference. Start with your cat.
King: What is he looking at that’s so important? Someone could sneak up on him and he wouldn’t notice.
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Exercise 1 - Universal Waite

Ace: Yes, it's really 8 10!
2: I have so many options, I need to focus
3: I feel left behind. I wonder what my ships will bring back to me
4: Whoo Hooo! A party!
5: Kids will be kids....always jostling for position
6: I think I've finally made it! (or as Sally Fields would say...."you really love me!")
7: Here I am fighting off the turkeys yet again
8: That little guy can't seem to keep up with the rest of us
9: My head hurts. I need some rest. I've been watchful for too long
10: These sticks are really awkward to carry. I hope my family appreciates them when I get them home
Page: If I put the stick down to the ground it will be just about as tall as I am
Knight: I'm off on a new adventure! I might even have to use this stick to knock some skulls!
Queen: I could be more lady-like when I sit. But I'm surrounded with yellow things. Sure makes me feel sunny and happy!
King: I think I'm missing all the action by just sitting here. I don't care that I'm the authority figure. I wanna have some fun!!
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Pam O 

I like the creative definitions so far!

Ace of wands: Now when I see this Universal Waite card, it reminds me of this post from Chronata: (post 4!)

2: "I've got the whole world in my hand(s)!" (I keep hearing that song in my head that the little girl sings in Con Air movie.)
3: Fantasies of Spanish galleon ships filled with gold....
4: Celebrating a new castle to live in!
5: OK there is a way to get this pentacle made somehow. We can figure it out!
6: Success!! Right on. This way to the celebration party!
7: Get those sticks up here. I bet I can help you all get to the top too.
8: Faster and faster.... And there is the new castle from the 4 of wands!
9: I have got to QUIT beating myself up like this. Now is the time to focus on smarter instead of this self abuse to achieve success! Enough is enough!
10. I am going to build a cart with these wands to get them over to that town. Then I will use these logs however they are needed...
Page: Water. I'm feeling dehydrated! There has got to be water somewhere in this place. I am creative. I can brainstorm a situation of balance and find a way to quench this parched space I am in. I got it... A dowsing rod to find the spot to drill for water and make an oasis here in the desert!
Knight: This is a wild ride!
Queen: Hello? Where are my people? I need things!
King: Moab, Utah feels like the spot for my arid kingdom. It even includes the Colorado River. I have lots to offer my people.
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Here's my very fast reactions to Wands and Cups.


Ace: this is what you need. A prize a weapon. You need to control it. A gift For me? Shwing! (yes, I also just see the 'bag of dicks.' lol)
2: is he showing me his domain, or is he lost in thought? He wants the world, from his vantage point.
3: the same guy, after much work? Or one of his lieutenants? The sky looks warmer, it is later. The ships are going. Resting and watching.
4: come this way to the party. Procession. The crowd is watching the two performers. It is mid day.
5: it's a dance. It is choreography. It's a rehearsal.
6: parade. The horse seems proud to bear him. There's a huge tarp over the horse, more is going on under there than we can see.
7: are there enemies below? Or is it just the fence? Angry? Frightened? Determined?
8: just which direction are they flying in? Are they flying at all?
9: it's the same landscape as the 8. he looks like he is checking the first stave. Alert. PTSD.
10: he is holding up much, but he is also proceeding along. That's why the bunch is separating.
page: an envoy. He is examining the bud. Tiny mountains or in the distance? Pyramids?
knight: he's also checking his stick. Barging in.
queen. The cat is protected and looks at you with no fear. Proud queen. But still has a flower. But not a "pretty" flower. She's got things to watch. That horizon is approaching.
king: a salamander not a cat. his staves are crossed, he seems perturbed. Bad temper?


Ace: a godly presentation. Here it is, dunk the Host.
2: a trade or a toast. The lion approves. But are they ready? Ceremony?
Three: a true toast. Harvest dance.
Four: he ignores the cup. Petulant. Distracted by the three cups…from the 3 of Cups?
Five: sad, in mourning. Ignoring the two cups… Of the 2 of cups? He sees the downcast contents of the three cups … of the 3 of cups?
Six: he is giving it to her? Or are they just playing at giving it? Securely guarded.
Seven: what other cards contain this stuff? The tower? The six of wands? Is this the salamander all grown up? Death? Snake? Beatific face of a major? Riches? Glowing concealed… Temperance? Star?
Eight: an eclipse. I'm out of here. Set them up Joe, I'm going home. He or she is looking at the moon in two phases at once, like the moon card.
Nine: happy, smug, guarding. Are they his? Yes.
10: a gift for us. But look what WE got here. It just clicked. Not just good fortune, but set free.
page: here's a fish that talks.
Knight: the fish left me this cup. I'm proud of it, and my ceremoniously capering horse.
Queen: a bigger river, a fancier cup. Here it is… A gift. Okay, thanks. I think.
King: I like big cups, and I cannot lie. I like to keep my toes in the water. He's a ruler, but a part of him would just like to take a swim. But still he rules.
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ana luisa 

May I join ?

1- Ok, I'm showing the humans my stick, now what ?
2- Who threw this ball at my castle ?
3- Oh, boy, this is going to be tiring... and I forgot to bring water...
4- Why aren't you holding two bouquets ? (other girl) I wonder if those poles will hold...
5- Hey, don't stick that into my mouth!!! (other guy) Oops, sorry man.
6- Enough with the screaming. Where's my bag of oatmeal ? (horse) (sometimes, we have to listen to the other character as well )
7- Damn it! I may fall from here...
8- Far-Side snakes attacking the Earth. (sorry, couldn't resist)
9- Whatcha looking at ?! Go about your business! I'm busy here!
10- I'm sure she won't see me behind those wands.
Page- Umm, nice size, good wood, there's this splinter I may want to sand off.
Knight - How did I get to Egypt ?! Was I going South ?
Queen - WHERE IS HE ?!! Jesus, I have to EAT something!!!
King - I will just pretend I don't see it. It may go away...
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Pam O 

Ace: Over whelming emotions are spilling over.
2: We are in sync.
3: What a great way to get exercise!
4: Those are all stale, oh I guess I mean stagnant. Either way, I don't want them.
5. I am going to cross that bridge.
6. Are there strings attached to that gift?
7. That dragon could be a great ride.
8. This trail looks like just the one for me.
9. I have entertained myself long enough. Now I am ready for someone to share all these beverages ith.
10. This just seems too picture perfect.
Page: If someone sees me talking to this fish, the rumors are going to fly!
Knight: this is a cool, refreshing ride on this 101 degree day!
Queen: Nope, I am keeping a cover on my emotion now. No more overflow allowed.
King: I am not listening. I am going to stay here in my world and no one is allowed to interrupt me.
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Smile Exercise 1 Radiant Rider-Waite Deck


Ace - Getting the ok to start, thumbs up. Let’s get moving.
2 - Having the world in your hands, now what do you do next?
3 - Contemplating the next move. Focusing on the future. Taking action.
4 - Rejoicing. Happiness. Celebration. Gathering, Fun. Accomplishment.
5 - Skill Building. Building up stamina. Conflict. Strife. Challenge. Competition.
6 - Victory. Accomplishment. Pride. Good news. Successful. Achievement. Cheers.
7 - Holding back. Defending. Standing ground. Protecting turf / territory. Saving face. Opposition. Control. On top of things.
8 - Fast movement. Taking action quickly. Thinking on your feet. Hitting the target.
9 - Standing alone. Protective. On guard. Apprehensive. Battle weary. Stress. Fatigue.
10 - Carrying a heavy load. Burden. Tired and burnt out. Long way to go before fruits can be realized or before you can rest. The end is in sight. Challenging times.
Page - a youth holds wand with confidence and pride. Youth is thinking about what adventures he will take next. Open minded and curious.
Knight - In command. Confident. Assured. Moving ahead with speed and intent. Brave. High energy. Perhaps hasty.
Queen - Feminine. Powerful. Loves animals and nature. Confident. Visionary. Role model.
King - Leader. Deep in thought. Planning and goal setting. Mature. Visionary and foresight. Exudes confidence.
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Pam O 

Hi dhorsey, welcome! And congrats for making your 1st post here at AT. We are happy to have you join the awesome Aeclectic realm.

PS Great concepts on the 5p
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Pam O 

I really liked this story and I thought others doing this exercise might enjoy this from another thread, especially side we don't yet have any entries on the pentacles yet.

Originally Posted by Metafizzypop View Post
..., but my story for Pentacles starts at the Ace and goes up.

A person gets a gift of money (Ace of Pents) from someone he is close to, friend or family. He debates how to spend the money (2) for a while, and then decides to spend it on art supplies because he always wanted to be an artist. He turns out to have some talent, and attracts the attention of some wealthy people who commission him to do some work for them (3). He makes a lot of money, but he spends it all on himself on selfish pleasures (4), and then ends up broke (5). He now falls on hard times, but manages to get government assistance (6) which helps him get back on track. This time, he is more cautious with his money and assesses his situation before he spends anything (7). Then he gets a regular job as a full-time employee with a company (8). And he does OK and manages to save some money (9). Finally he does well enough where he can get married and have a family, and live comfortably (10).

The End
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