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The Easiest Way to Learn tarot-EVER!! Discussion

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The Easiest Way to Learn tarot-EVER!! Discussion

Iíve started threads for lessons 1 and 1a in the Easiest Way to Learn Tarot-EVER!! By Dusty White here in the Study Group forum. I hope the directions are clear enough; Dusty gives more explanation and visual examples in the book so it would be a good idea to read those through as well. In his forum Dusty strongly encouraged the use of the RWS, especially for the beginner levels. Some exercises, like 1a really need everyone to be looking at the same card when answering. Rather than buying a new deck I would think it would work to look at an image of the card online or perhaps as an app.
There is a section at the back of the book giving meanings, but the book is designed to help you find your own meanings and use those only as a last resort. While that is part of the lessons, what makes this book so different is that it systematically teaches the skills needed to read the tarot. For that reason it is important to do the exercises in order. If you are an experienced reader with your own way of reading this may not be helpful to you. I would also add that while the title is The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot-Ever!!, it is not easy and requires much practice. If you listen to Dustyís podcasts you know he stresses that hard work is needed to become a fluent reader.
Dusty has quite a few podcasts and some youtube videos that show some of the exercises. His forum, while inactive, has a lot of information and examples of the exercises. One thing youíll notice in reading those old posts is how much fun we had-you may be serious about learning to read tarot but your intuition likes a laugh now and again.
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So I've been rereading the book, and I wanted to make this amendment: you can use the Majors in the exercises, if you feel confident enough with the minors. I would leave that up to people's discretion. I would say that if you are doing the exercises by yourself frequently, then go ahead and introduce the majors. I do get why he saves them, though. I tried some exercises with them, and it's more daunting.
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