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Masculine tarot decks out there?

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Originally Posted by Aeric View Post
The pattern goes: IHVH, repated four times for the four suits.

IOD - Fire - Wands - Knights
HE - Water - Cups - Queens
come together for
VAU - Air - Swords - Princes
which transmutes into
second HE - Earth - Pentacles - Princesses

I believe the Princesses are referred to as both ending the suit process and beginning the new cycle, which is why they're particularly potent cards. I also believe they're the only court types not attached to astrological decans, but are instead the "pure" essence of their elements. The Princess of Disks, the last card in the fourth and last suit of the process, is often seen as the last card in the deck and very powerful.

This is of course based on binary genders and sexual reproduction. You have some decks such as Daughters of the Moon, a feminist deck, that completely replacs the usual 4 courts with 3 of Maiden, Mother, Crone, and removes the Emperor and Hierophant cards, which it considers traditionally overtly masculine, absorbing their meanings into the Empress and Priestess cards, "returning the masculine powers" (book's words) to the respective goddesses, since male emerges from female in their perspective.

Sol Invictus the God Tarot turns the courts into a linear process of Awakening, Quester, Nurturer, Master. It's similar to the Thoth but embodied as stages of a man's life and growth.
But I think this binary gender system reflects men and women in a similar way... it's more "just" than only women or men. There was an interesting discussion around here about this... while the Knight is the beginning, the Queen is in the GD system the only "true" royal. This gives some equality to men and women here.

This said, I find decks that concentrate on the male/female side practicable sometimes to illuminate the respective side of my self.
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"masculine decks"

Probably missed the boat as here's my answer to the original question asked some months ago.
But interesting...and with some wonderfully varied answers. Many thanks for the insight into Thoth Tarot along the lines of our most favoured Jewish creator Jehovah.
And that's a really cute Tarot deck, TarotBear! :-) I like it.

Decks that speak "Rrrraaah factor" to me (of the ones I've seen properly) are:
- Thoth Tarot
- Fradella Adventure Tarot
- and interestingly, Spill Tarot.
- Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn
And other's previously mentioned,
- Michelangelo Tarot
- Celtic Tarot
- Dragon Tarot
- Tarot of the Holy Grail
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Originally Posted by feynrir View Post
Hi there!

Hope this doesn't seem an overly shallow question. Does anyone know of any tarot decks of a particularly masculine tone out there?
Hello, Apologies to you and everyone if raising this thread verges on "Necroing"

I don't think your question is shallow at all. As I have read and heard many people experienced with tarot say that its important to connect with your deck for accurate readings. So wanting something you feel comfortable with or inspired by is important.

I'm sure you've found a deck by now, but wanted to post here just in case another guy out there was googling this question.

I am a pretty masculine guy.. and the stuff I liked: Tarot of the Holy Grail, Byzantine, Night Sun, and the Royo Dark.
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Here are my two favorite masculine decks:

Omegaland by Joe Boginski
Baseball Tarot by Mark Lerner, et. al.
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For unbridled, unironic masculinity that sometimes verges on the outrageous, you really must take a look at the Tarot D: The Didactic Tarot. I'm not partial to comic book styles but this one I loved to absolute bits. I swear I grew some chest hair whenever I read with it constantly, and now I speak in a lovely baritone. Highly recommended.
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