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Reactive/Reflective Modal Spread

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Reactive/Reflective Modal Spread

I recently encountered a spread that I believe was called the "sunrise spread," a five-card arc of cards showing a "past/present/future" progression. I got to thinking that the spread is predominantly "solar" and event-oriented in nature, and that there should be a way to inject an intuitive, emotional "lunar" element into the interpretation. Attached is the result of my tinkering; it uses a solar/lunar, above/below, diurnal/nocturnal paradigm with a signficator card representing the "Earth" at the center of the Sun/Moon configuration, sitting on an "awareness horizon" that represents the transition zone between objective and subjective comprehension of the matter, and between "reactive" and "reflective" modes of response to the situation.

The "solar" positions are standard fare and don't need explanation. The "lunar" positions show the querent's parallel emotional reaction to external events: the "Waxing Moon" or awakening "Epiphany" phase (the "Uh-oh" moment); the "Full Moon" or intuitive "Illumination" phase, and the "Waning Moon" or contemplative "Insight" phase (the "Aha!" moment). The result is a workable emotional response scenario producing insights that are then "percolated up" through the significator card and made available for consciously-directed engagement with outward circumstances. I have a detailed interpretive guide prepared but I'm withholding it since I may decide to publish it at some point.
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Congratulations for creating such an elegant system! I'm sure it will be extremely usefull and also acurate because we are all ontologically linked to both the sun and moon, as you illustrated it in your spread. When do you think one could benefit the most from this spread, in what particular situations would it have the greatest power?
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Thank you for sharing this spread! I just used it now. I was able to reflect on what I was feeling and thinking and how I outwardly project these feelings and thoughts. I'm going through a lot of transformation, and while my simple 3-4 card non spreads gave me the gist of the message, this spread was able to really show and tell me what was going on, why, and what next. The message was loud and clear!
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