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Favorite Robert M Place deck?

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Favorite Robert M Place deck?

I've loved Robert Place's style for quite some time. Been wondering what deck of his to invest in when I have the chance!

I'm curious which ones ATers like the best of his works. And yes, the Burning Serpent Oracle (or any other oracle deck he may have done for that matter) counts. Thank you!
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The Lone Crone
Well, know this is all so subjective!

BUT you asked, so....The Vampire Tarot. Great deck, great book (once a kind ATer trimmed it for me, it is LARGE and it has pointy fangy corners!).

The only Vampire Tarot I have. I have the Bohemian Gothic, but that isn't a vampire deck, just has some vampire images.

I love his style so much and this is one deck (and I am not a collector) I just love.
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Le Fanu 

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I like all his decks - ok, perhaps not the Saints one so much though I respect his erudition on that one too - but the one that really keeps me coming back for more is the Sevenfold Mystery. It has something very special which I can't really explain. All his decks are very clean of line but this one feels the most streamlined - where cleanness of line and pared down imagery marry best. I think this is his masterwork.

I used to love the Alchemical most but now it just feels like all those editions of the Alchemical were leading to this.
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Elder Jabberwock

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I'm only a half-step ahead of you here. I've been working my way up to buying something of his for a couple of years now. They're fairly pricey so I've been moving cautiously. It was almost The Tarot of the Seven-fold Mystery but I stopped short because of some of the opinions here. I was seriously considering The Burning Serpent Oracle but just didn't think I'd use it. And I missed out on previous printings of the Alchemical Tarot and the Renewed version. So when the opportunity came up to pre-order the Alchemical Renewed, 4th Edition, I jumped at it. I do think some of the imagery is rather arcane by conventional standards (The Devil is one), but it's right up my alley. I've never been interested in vampire decks or religious themes, so the Vampire and Buddha Tarots never moved me.
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Seeking wisdom, peace, and solitude

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The Alchemical, without doubt. I have every version to date -- but confess to loving the first edition the most.
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Sevenfold Mystery for me, too. I have the regular and the large annotated version of the majors. Incredible deck.

I am getting the 4th edition of the Alchemical. I like the coloring a lot.
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Much like Fernet-Branca, Place's decks are for me an acquired taste. Now I'm seduced by the very coldness and simplicity of lines that turned me off in the beginning. They are extremely intellectual and remote, but somehow satisfyingly so. They're definitely not your regular "Will he leave his wife for me?" sort of deck.

My first was the Vampire Tarot, which is probably the best thematic Tarot ever based on a particular book and its mythology, IMHO. I also have the Sevenfold Mystery, and I'm waiting for the 4th edition of the Alchemical.

So far the Sevenfold is my favorite, but I'll have to suspend judgment until I can compare it side by side with the Alchemical. (I watched the comparison video in his website,, and still can't decide.)

The only thing I can say against his decks is that they tend to suffer from acute borderitis. Major. (The Vampire cards are also heavy, sticky and fanged. Yuck.)
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Star clad

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Sevenfold and Saints.

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Alchemical - 3rd edition

It's been my daily reading deck since I received it in 2011.
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Golden Silvery Dionna

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Alchemical, 1st edition. I love that deck so much and have done some amazing readings with it.
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