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Daily Reading to Learn Tarot

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epvitale  epvitale is offline
Join Date: 25 Oct 2008
Location: Brooklyn, NY USA
Posts: 285

What a great way to learn the deck. Thank you.

As crazy as this might seem. I normally do a one or three card reading (I am working on developing a 4 card morning question spread) and doing the reading at that moment. I never thought of pulling the cards and then returning to them at the end of the day and seeing how the relate.

What a great idea! Again, thank you.

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silverwings94  silverwings94 is offline
Join Date: 11 Jan 2007
Location: New York, USA
Posts: 3,158

I just found this thread also and what a great idea.I'm going to try it later this morning using my Transparent tarot. I think this will be a great way to learn this deck
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PNWtarot  PNWtarot is offline
Join Date: 02 Dec 2008
Location: Washington, USA
Posts: 48

Thanks for the spread! I'm really looking forward to using it, and to sorting my deck
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Cactus Dahlia's Avatar
Cactus Dahlia  Cactus Dahlia is offline
Join Date: 10 Nov 2008
Location: South Seas
Posts: 464
Cactus Dahlia 

This sounds great! I'm gonna try it too. Hopefully it will help me understand the court cards a bit better.

I too, couldn't be bothered splitting up my main deck each day for this, but it's about time my Aquarian Tarot got an airing.

Thanks for the spread.
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Rev_Vesta's Avatar
Rev_Vesta  Rev_Vesta is offline
Join Date: 14 Dec 2008
Location: Hawkes Bay New Zealand
Posts: 818
3 card spread

Thank you for offering a new spread for us to try out...

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Shelli  Shelli is offline
Join Date: 01 Dec 2008
Location: Maryland, USA
Posts: 1

As a newbie I'm learning the subtly that comes with each reading. Before, I thought each card was a huge deal that would smack me across the head. But they actually manifest in the subtlest of ways. I fell more aware and attuned learning the cards this way.
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iceclone's Avatar
iceclone  iceclone is offline
Join Date: 22 Sep 2009
Location: California, USA
Posts: 475

I wanna try this spread in my daily reading too...
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Sheri  Sheri is offline
Join Date: 22 Jan 2006
Posts: 5,270
Moderator Note

Hi everyone,

This is an older thread and you may have seen readings in it, but the rules have changes since those posts and readings other than those posted by the originator for demonstration purposes are not allowed. As a result, several readings have been removed.

Please post your readings in the Your Readings forum (following the guidelines for posting in that forum) and come back here with links to those readings along with any discussion regarding the layout or how it worked in the post.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding,

Sheri; moderator Tarot Spreads
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makani's Avatar
makani  makani is offline
Join Date: 02 Sep 2009
Location: south OC
Posts: 421

I tried this last night with my Aquarian deck, right after I did the "New deck interview" spread. This 3 card spread is a wonderful way to learn the cards. I feel very comfortable (not so intimidated) as I have with other spreads.
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suedally's Avatar
suedally  suedally is offline
Join Date: 12 Nov 2009
Location: Kimberley South Africa
Posts: 104

This is a really good idea. I'll set aside a deck just for this purpose, as I'm too lazy to re-sort the deck each time I use it.
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