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The Happy Squirrel card

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I must add that there are now two decks featuring The Happy Squirrel.

The was of course the International Icon Tarot by Robin Ator.

But in 2005, artist Lynyrd Narciso, released his “Les Adorables Tarot”. It is a Majors only deck containing 23 cards.

And yes…the 23rd card is…The Happy Squirrel.

Be warned. This Happy Squirrel is not so light and fluffy....

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Isn't the phrase

Happy Squirrel
an oxymoron?

If a squirrel were to appear "happy" would it not look a bit like the Mona Lisa with the enigmatic smile that can hide all kinds of

....scarey intent, wicked past deeds?

Happy, indeed!!

Beware....there is much to learn from this creature that travels both above and below, who can be fearless, hide in a flash, and, yes, even

Fly at times.

Smart enough to prepare for the long dark winter, brave enough to slowly hop into your sight and then,

Freeze and stare at if

Challenging you to pass or



I don't think so.

When she sees a squirrel scampering about the property, even my dog knows to bark loudly when she is on window duty in the living room guarding our house from trespassers.

There is much to learn from the behavior of the squirrel. Step inside the animal and learn.
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Originally Posted by elf
Remember, when we are outside we must share the earth with our wild brethren, it is after all their home. Inside the house is another story...but out there where the animals live, we are in a way, visiting.
Yes, elf!!

A key point, indeed! Another metaphor for anytime we enter into

the domain of the "other."


The rules change.
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Well in Australia we don't have squirrels so for all the Aussies out there beware the Happy Koala Not all of them are as sweet as Caramello.

They are so cute looking, so stoned all the time from the gum leaves they eat and such nasty turns of temper and claws when enraged. So for all Aussie themed decks beware the Happy Koala.

and in mating season they scream like the soundtrack to a bad horro movie
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that simpsons episode is one... right now! woo!

the gypsy says "the cards are vague and mysterious, but it seems they are trying to tell of your first love, shall I continue?" or something along the lines. a lot of bad stuff happens in her first love

truely an evil card
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Is it even possible to download the Victoria Regina happy squirrel? I was so disappointed to learn that it wasn't actually included. I have a feeling that it would come up quite a bit if I used it in actual readings with my friends.
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Golden Silvery Dionna

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I havn't read the thread but isn' that a flying squirrel? Will that make a difference to the meaning I wonder?

P.S. Marion I love the avatar...I am gonna have to go find myself a festive one now!

There that's better
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It's got the head and body proportions of a gray squirrel and the flaps/folds of skin of a flying squirrel, so it could be either I suppose. Usually those old engravings/drawings are a lot more accurate. I don't think the artist had an actual model to draw from and winged it. (no pun intended) He even stuck on dragon claws, so it's anybody's guess.
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Last winter a squirrel came to the door every day and I gave him a piece of bread spread with Nutella. He would sit there and lick all the Nutella off the bread and then he would eat the bread. He was grey and on the top of his head he had a little red tuft ! He surely was a Happy Squirrel every day and he made all of us here happy too !
Any wild animal will attack if it is cornered so why think the squirrel is any worse ? Try a porcupine or even a skunk ! They don't fool around even trying to be friendly.
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