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DaughterOfDanu  DaughterOfDanu is offline
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I just got my copy in. Haven't looked at the art just yet but did make sure I had all my cards. My Fool card is damaged. Did anyone else find they had damaged cards?
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WhiteWolf66  WhiteWolf66 is offline
Join Date: 14 Aug 2015
Location: wisconsin USA
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None of our two decks were damaged but they were in a funky order. Do you like them?
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LeithinCluan  LeithinCluan is offline
Join Date: 10 Jul 2014
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I've had this deck for about a week and I love it. I've been following the creator's tumblr posts for a while - they showed the artwork as they were working on it. Some of the art is just gorgeous. I'm a huge fan so I was keen to get it. So far, I'm feeling like it's more of a very unconventional tarot deck than an oracle deck - the creator has tried to match meanings with (some of the) traditional RW-style associations of each card, but the shape of the Night Vale story has inevitably led to some big differences in meaning. But there's still a solid sense of the four suits, the court cards as people, etc. I'm really loving it so far - the deck feels to me like it has a very direct and sarcastic character - as you might guess from the story it's based on...! I wrote a blog post about my early thoughts on the deck, today, here:
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Marcus R  Marcus R is offline
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Marcus R 

My teen daughter put me on to Night Vale just this weekend. I like the overt Lovecraftian undertones. Found the deck in the store, very appealing. Looking to pick this up sometime.

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I picked up this tarot as soon as I saw it for sale and it's one of the decks that I just get... lost in. It's odd because even in cases where for one reason or another, I don't quite remember the reference or what the card is for in WTNV, the deck feels incredibly cohesive and it flows within the unique universe of WTNV. Even those cards flow and the more unique understandings of what's going on on the card kind of... fit in.

It's definitely a deck that I need to be in a very specific mood for, or one that I use to help with when I'm feeling like I need something from left field. Or when I just want to kind of see the tarot from a slightly different angle.
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