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Legacy of the Divine - High Priestess

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Legacy of the Divine - High Priestess

In classical RWS the High Priestess is pictured between the pillars Boaz and Jachim holding a scroll of divine wisdom (Tarot or Torah). Pomagranites adorn the veil behind her and she wears a crown suggestive of the moon and its crescents. Also this symbol may be associated with the Egyptian goddess Hathor.
The Thoth deck adds the imagery of the bow of Artemis and a camel.

The Priestess of Legacy of the Divine has also the moon and crescents symbol but it is more like a bindi than a crown. She holds a pomagranite and the scroll. The pillars are there, but faded into the background. An owl appears instead of a camel, and the moon itself shines over her head. Instead of the veil to symbolize the unknown ... Marchetti has pictured the Priestess as standing partially submerged in water.

A pentacle icon appears also in the background which seems unique to the Legacy deck. In this case I take it to symbolize the 5 alchemical elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether.

According to the book "Gateway of the Divine" the owl may be considered as sacred to Athena, or as a general symbol for divination and knowledge of the unseen.
I personally feel ambivalent about the association of High Priestess to Athena. The Priestess is such a lunar symbol and although Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom ... she is not a lunar goddess per se. However, both archetypes (Athena and High Priestess) are certainly goddesses of wisdom. Yet Athena has a warrior aspect and I do not see this still and serene High Priestess with a warrior aspect! Crowley's association to Artemis via the moon is also a bit of a stretch but both are virgin moon goddesses.

In any case, the Legacy of the Divine High Priestess holds all the classical imagery one would expect and so the meaning is very consistent with both RWS and Thoth as symbolizing a wisdom goddess, a virginal goddess, a crone, a woman with power or authority, and hidden knowledge. In a practical reading it often means we don't see the whole picture and more will be revealed.
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