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5 decks to use for a year

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5 decks to use for a year

So, as many people who use Youtube to watch tarot videos will know, the Youtuber Kelly Bear has posted a great question to tarot enthusiasts that has gotten a bunch of VRs (video replies). The question: if you were going on a trip for a year and could only pack 5 tarot decks to go with you, which ones would you take? You can watch the video here (mild language warning): I thought it was a great question and wanted to ask it here, since most of us don't make Youtube videos.

My 5 decks:
0. (The Deck-not-Taken) Smith-Waite Centennial. At first I thought this deck would be a no-brainer. I mean, this is such an important deck! Classic RWS! It has a place of pride in my collection! But then I got to thinking... Do I actually use this deck that much? Not really. And the images are readily available online anytime I wanted a look. I know that many people use this deck and it's at the top of many people's list, but after thinking about it I would pass on taking it.

1. The Mary-El. I couldn't not take this deck. It's probably my favorite deck. Pretty sure I could have this deck forever and never get tired of it. I think it's the only deck that I would actually feel sad about not taking. I need it in my life!

2. Tarot of the Dream Enchantress. This was the second deck I ever purchased and it's just so nostalgic for me. It's pretty, it's interesting, it's thought-provoking, it's charming. It just makes me happy!

3. Tarot of New Clarity. My own deck...of course I'd take it! I understand it, it understands me. I love the chosen images and the unique system. Besides, having it gives me a sense of pride of accomplishment.

4. The Steampunk Tarot. I can't really put my finger on why I like this deck so much, but I do. I think it's because it does such a great job building a steampunk 'world' within it. I just find myself reaching for this deck a lot! There was actually a long period of time when I couldn't use this deck because of a lost card, and I actually really missed using it. Besides, I think the theme would provide a nice dose of variety in my 5 decks.

5. I....don't know? This is a difficult one because I plan on soon(ish) acquiring 2 great decks that both could take this spot: The Fairy Lights Tarot and the Dreams of Gaia Tarot. I've got a good feeling about both of these decks, and I think my #5 spot would be reserved for one of these.

So, what is your list?
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I am terrible at these things. One problem is that there are several decks with which I want to work for at least a couple of weeks but I don't know when I'll manage to start on that. Sometimes it doesn't take long to know one doesn't work.

As far as what would go:

1. The MerryDay

2. The Aquarian

3. A Marseille - probably my mini Grimaud (?) because it has the spreadcloth with the pocket

4. Hmm....I was thinking one of the Wegmullers but that doesn't leave much. Well there's 3 I think. Two anyway.

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5, huh? That means I'd have to cover 4 seasons, and a lot would depend on where I was going.


The most likely workhorse would be the Hanson-Roberts.
For deep contemplation: the Grail.
Victorian Fairy, because it's beautiful and evocative, and draws me into that world so easily.
Number four is a tossup: either the Gilded, or the Quantum 2.0, or one of the steampunk decks, or one of the cat decks...
And then how would I get through an October without the Halloween?
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Originally Posted by Morwenna View Post
And then how would I get through an October without the Halloween?
Well, jeez, I thought I had my five decks figured out until you mentioned this!

I'm "almost" sure my five would be:

1. Bohemian Gothic: A no-brainer, it's my favorite deck. I don't even need to read with it; I just like to spread the cards out and lose myself in the images, the shadows, and the random dark humor.

2. Samhain Deck of the Bastard: love, love , love this one!

3. Wild Unknown: This is one of my main readers and a "go-to" deck

4. Stretch Tarot: I love all of my vintage and Victorian-themed decks, but this is the newest and shiniest.

5. Ryuji Kagami Astrology of Love Tarot: A RWS deck with elegant card backs, luscious purple borders, and images which I have meticulously glittered. I have a weird connection with this deck; I rarely dream about tarot, but when I do, these are the cards that make an appearance.
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Good topic
1.Golden botticelli,my newest arrival which I am absolutely crazy about!It's so beautiful!
2.Bohemian gothic 3rd edition,the pride of my collection.
3.New mythic tarot,I really clicked with this deck.
4.Halloween tarot,more scoobydoo Halloween than creepy but I love how cute it is,with a little black cat on every card.
5.The tarot of delphi,I love how much care went into making sure that the artwork fitted with each tarot card.

Wow,five goes really fast! What about my Deviant moon,the wild unknown,chrysalis,Anna k tarot,Robin wood,
paulina tarot,bohemian cats,and ravens prophecy? Maybe I'll just stay home
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I have been sitting here watching video responses to this (well I'm coloring too) and it's interesting that nearly everyone is choosing relatively new decks. Perhaps it is their age although when I started, the Aquarian and the Morgan Greer certainly weren't new.

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Not in order of preference...

1. Celtic (Davis)

2. Rider

3. Tarot Nova

4. Thoth

5. Secret Tarot
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1. Thoth
2. Centennial
3. Anna K
4. Tarot of the Vampyres
5. Shadowscapes
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Can't. Do. This....
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Omg...wouldn't be Tarot!.
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