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What Oracle Deck is the Postman Bringing

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Recently got Messages from the Wee Folk and Faery Godmother cards. I'm interested in the Pythia cards.

Preordered Sacred Traveller and Magickal cards as well
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Golden Silvery Dionna
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Wisdom of the Oracle. I rarely use oracles, but someone did a reading for me using this deck and it was so good that I decided to buy a copy
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Originally Posted by HighPriestess View Post
The Earth Magic Oracle is on its way.
Ooo, I'm waiting for this one too! I cannot wait.
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Gwynydd  Gwynydd is offline
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It's not from the postie, but I had to share because I'm so pleased with myself I was at Colin Harper (or Harper Colins?) bookstore and found Heart of the Faerie Oracle for $16.95! The box was all bashed up inside and out, but the deck itself is in pristine condition! I'm so thrilled, because I've not been able to find it anywhere!
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XII. The Hanging Cat
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Just ordered Spirit de la Lune as an early birthday present for myself. (Which is nothing but a bunch of nonsense because I also just bought myself a rug, and a deck on the trading forum, and . . .)

But I'm looking forward to reading with it for myself on my birthday! (Cancer sun, moon child, etc.) Yeah, that's the ticket!
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The postman will soon deliver the following oracle decks*:
  • Secrets of the Mystic Grove (arrived)
  • Oracle of the Angels (arrived)
  • Karma Cards (arrived)
  • Flower Reading Cards
  • Dream Reading Cards
  • Fortune Reading Cards
  • Chinese Fortune Reading Cards (arrived)
  • Cosmic Reading Cards (arrived)
  • Chakra Reading Cards
  • Angels of Abundance
I can hardly wait!

*Last updated on July 8, 2017
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wyrrd of Sarah Howard oracle bought from a forum member the last deck I will never be able to buy here �� just got the deck nice!
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Plant oracle - at last!
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Glass Owl 

I went ahead and pre-ordered Wisdom of the Trees. I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with trees and it is at a great price so I figured I would go for it.
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