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What Oracle Deck is the Postman Bringing

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Goodbye :(
Join Date: 03 May 2010
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Today I got the Black Cat Fortune Telling game from a wonderful AT'er
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greenandroses  greenandroses is offline
Join Date: 03 Jun 2016
Location: US
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Crystal reading cards by rachelle charman 😀

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Imperial Dragon Oracle. I don't buy oracles too often. It's my third deck of this kind.
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Miss Divine 

Victoria Frances Gothic oracle. I intended to purchase it last year for Halloween, but for some unknown reason I never did.
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decan  decan is offline
Join Date: 14 Sep 2015
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That's it, my second copy of psycards deck arrived yesterday!
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Join Date: 06 Jan 2016
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The Druid Animal Oracle. It is big, it is beautiful and it even has a beautiful cloth for tarot reading. And the book looks very impressive.
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witchfawn  witchfawn is offline
Join Date: 18 Mar 2016
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I just ordered the Oracle of Oddities! I'm dying for it to come, and hoping I run into the first edition, somewhere, someday. I'm actually hoping this one comes before next week... I have a flower arranging workshop on the 9th and it'd be fun to have in my bag throughout it.
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I have just received Keepers of the Light oracle, it's has gold gilded edges which i detest!! but i can live with it...
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Aneeka  Aneeka is offline
Join Date: 29 Sep 2016
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I ordered Ciro Marchetti's Oracle of Visions yesterday. I'll have them on Monday.
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Originally Posted by WhiteWolfy View Post
I have just received Keepers of the Light oracle, it's has gold gilded edges which i detest!! but i can live with it...
i am thinking about ordering that one, WW!
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