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What Oracle Deck is the Postman Bringing

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Madame Squee 

Originally Posted by Cocobird55 View Post
White Rabbit Oracle
What an appealing oracle -- sooooo lush!

The postman is bringing me Dark & Light Arcana Playing Cards & Arcana Expansion Pack.
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Ordered this cracking deck:
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Originally Posted by Celtictarot View Post
Well thanks for enabling I just love Halloween themed decks, just waiting for the PDF to come out!
I am getting Love notes oracle from a trade with a forum member.
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Waiting on the Elements of Recovery deck by our own BodhiSeed. Though I am not personally recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, I was drawn to BodhiSeed's post that this deck could be used to sort out any type of destructive behavioral pattern. Sounds like an interesting deck for shadow work. I'm looking forward to working with it.
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While on Thanksging holiday in Salt Lake City, I picked up a copy of LoS' Vera Sibilla oracle on a whim. I loved it the minute I looked through the cards!

Today, my postal carrier is bringing me the book _Italian Cartomancy:Reading the Vera Sibilla_. I'm looking forward to delving into this beautiful deck. Looks like it will be a nice complement to my Lenormand and Kipper decks.

ETA: which will not be delivered until tomorrow :-( UPS flew right over and sent my book a thousand miles or so further east. I am 2 states away from where it was shipped.
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Just got the Celtic Shaman's pack
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Pythia Botanica which looks fab.
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Earthly Souls and Spirits Oracle
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I just ordered a Jumbo sized Arthur Rackham Oracle by Duck soup.
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Hm. Maybe this thread needs a name change?

I just ordered the reprinted tea leaf oracle. However, the shop that I had to go through won't be ordering for another few weeks.
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