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What's the Postman Bringing? Part 13

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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
No, not the mermaids. They have swum off to better places :-)

Oh, and I have another deck of playing cards on the way, a vintage deck with motifs of Old Berlin. That should be interesting.
Ah, a literate person who knows that "have swum" (and not "swimmed") is the past perfect tense of "to swim." Hopefully the long-ago pre-ordered Modern Spellcaster's Tarot will have swum my way by the end of the year.
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Just received my copy of the Ceccoli oracle in the mail yesterday...super excited to try it out. At first glance it seems to read well intuitively for me
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Tarot dance 

..I just received the Magdalene Legacy Tarot: Lost Keys of the Madonna

...Wow what a beautiful deck

....thank you MoonGypsy for the trade.....
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Awaiting Bird Tarot Card x 2 by Norisan and an English Kitty Kahane.

Received a lovely Dame Darcy 3rd edition.

Also received Malpertuis Lenormand x 2 and Seven Stars Vintage German Lenormand with no borders or inserts. Wonderful decks!
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Tarot dance 

...In spite of my wallets rather loud and continuous sounds of lamentations....

...I ordered....

....The Daemon Tarot: The Forbidden Wisdom of the Infernal Dictionary with Cards]

....African Tarot (Which I am excited about for I understand it is small deck...I collect Mini/smalldecks)...

...Dang, that Amazon Prime is such an enabler.
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Tamipie1  Tamipie1 is offline
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Originally Posted by Maan View Post
on its way are the animal spirit oracle from the wild unknown. And from the same artist the spread cloth and tarot bag.( got a gift certificate ) Its going to be an amazing parcel

and i won a copy of the heron marseille tarot on ebay. I was looking for that version for a while now.
Congratulations on the Gift Certificate, was that the instagram contest? I wanted that bad..posted a bunch..I would have bought the exact same parcel!
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I was never interested in the Red Deck from tarot by Seven, but when Flizarraga posted his for sale, and someone bought it, I got crazy! I wanted, needed this deck! So I ordered it yesterday and I dreamed about it all night!!! (By the way, is it me or she just increased the prices of her decks a lot?)
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The Kabbalistisches Tarot has arrived in good shape, I'll use it simply as study deck and as such it looks okay. It lacks decans so I'll add them :-) I love making decks by own by changing them.

And no less than six! German playing card decks have arrived.

My Astounding Pixie arrived yesterday.
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After a dry spell:
"Tarot Deck - the Major Arcana" from stasiab on Etsy.

I like her art.
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Tarot dance 

....Just received the Prisma Visions Tarot from a trade with Tamipie1....

..great little kit...

.....No sure if I can mention it here but I have lots of decks up for trade in the tarot trading section....take a lookkkk
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