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as ciro talks about in his kipper deck into,, the kipper is a bit more positive then the lenny, and furthermore it is more focused on circles of society.
plus it also focuses on the middle to upper class and not on the lower class.
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Originally Posted by cirom View Post
I think the companion book to my deck does a decent job of introducing and explaining the basics, but i also produced the animated videos which are triggered when you point a smart phone at the cards. This wasn't intended as a gimmick or novelty, but as a convenient helping hand to beginners.. Hopefully helping them better remember the basic meanings of each card.
Hi Ciro,

I've shown a few people your deck with the Aurasma app and they are absolutely fascinated by it to the point where it has inspired them to purchase the deck.

It's definitely a new and exciting way to learn the card descriptions. Thanks for creating all of the videos and having the creativity to bring something new to card reading.

with love
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I have Ciro's Kipper making it's way to me and I'm pretty excited about learning how to read it. I'll check out the app, that sounds perfect for a total beginner like me.
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Card spreads for beginners

Hello there,

I know some people would say that as Kipper is kind of Lenormand "cousin", we could use Lenormand spreads to read Kipper cards, but, somehow, it seems not the right thing. Having got Ciro Marchetti's Fin de Siecle, the accompanying booklet just shows 2 spreads, and involving a large number of cards. Are there simpler spreads for beginners?
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I recommend Toni Puhle's Kipper courses.

She is English, lives in Germany, bilingual... and to your point, fabfranco, teaches Kippper as its own thing/reading style distinct to Lenormand. Kipper 101 is shorter readings. (201 is GT; 301 advanced techniques).
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