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Russian Tarot Lubok

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trzes, I'd love to hear your thoughts regarding production quality when you receive your deck!
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I found the creator on Facebook and messaged him through there. He doesn't handle the transactions, but had the distributor send me a PayPal invoice for $99. Does this come with a book and training too? Is the book in Russian?

I have a colleague who is from Russia and he agreed to help me translate he cards... but what about the book?

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My copy of the tarot Lubok arrived today.

The process of getting it was its own kind of experience. I got two phone calls from Russia and talked to a nice lady who could speak sort of reasonably good English but hardly understood me. After a text message and two further emails they accepted my payment and got the correct shipping details. I also keep getting emails in Russian now, explaining the interpretation of the cards, one card a day it seems. By using google translate you could even make some sense of it.

The deck itself comes in a very nice and sturdy box. The cards are slightly thicker compared to the Lo Scarabeo standard, a bit stiffer and less obviously laminated with a very pleasant and natural feel. They slide very well. The card backs are reversible. The Majors are more Marseille style than RWS, although Strength and Justice are in RWS order. The Minors loosely follow the RWS tradition, but with a fair number of alterations. It looks as if it is based on Russian mythology or fairytales. Card titles are all in Russian, but the numbers and suit symbols make it easy to recognize the cards. The artwork is a bit cartoony, like the illustrations in old children's books. In fact it reminds me a lot of the images in a book of fairytales that I had been given by my grandparents from eastern Germany decades ago. There is an LWB as well, but all in Russian too of course.

I like the deck a lot.
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Thanks for your thoughts trzes. I had to smile about the odd exchanges you had; I suppose it makes having the deck all the more interesting.

It does sound like something I'd like. Perhaps I'll slurge and get this at some point.
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The distributor has this deck on Etsy for $79, shipping included. Ordered mine last week.
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This deck is just beautiful. Sadly it is a bit too expensive for me ;(
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I just got mine - yes it was pricey, but it really is lovely. Something actually different for once, and as they say, the box is excellent.

Heads up though - there were issues because of the way I live. And every email they sent was in Russian, which made things very hard, especially when I kept telling them that no I could not tell them it had arrived for another 10 days, and they kept asking.... Google translate is not always as helpful as one might wish....
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