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Lo Scarabeo Mystical Tarot (Giuliano Costa)

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Le Fanu, I agree on the price. I paid $14.40 with free shipping. Wonderful price for any deck, let alone a new release. Thanks, Book Depository!

A "fabulous" devil sounds intriguing. Can't wait.
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Lo Scarabeo Mystical Tarot (Giuliano Costa)

I paid 27 because I was overexcited and then it went down to 19 ☹️
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The Devil card is very important for me in a deck, a great Devil is essential!
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Oh please! $14.95 free shipping mine has been ordered and is on it's way.
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Gorgeous! Sumptuous. And I'm on board with the borders.
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i think vice versa is soooo cool. but i like the oracle deck next to the earth wisdom oracle ang something.
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I bought this a couple of months ago. It's not my usual style but something about it drew me in. Plus not too $.
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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
I've had my eye on this for ages;

It looks absolutely beautiful. I went to the Book Depository this morning and it was in stock so I added to my basket. Can't wait to see it up close.

A contemporary deck but in the style of the antique Renaissance decks, painted on wood - sort of Gringonneur with Botticelli poses - and it looks so richly coloured.
This looks beautiful. But I'm waiting for the two reproduction decks they will be publishing later this year.
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Couldn't resist at that price! It's on the way!
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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post

But if the faces are smiley and contemporary, it might bother me...
I think you'll be happy with the faces. Very much in keeping with the art style.
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