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Which deck do you think is the most beautiful?

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Walking the old paths
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Walking the old paths

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Another vote for the Prisma Visions. Makes the cardstock kind of a tragedy, really.

The Margarete Petersen is also gorgeous. Maybe it's my love for Rothko and paintings where you can see the paint strokes, but the Flames and Coins suits just tug at me.
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Carol Herzer's Illuminated Tarot and Starlight Illuminated. I love the colors. I only wish they had a different cardstock.
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Scarlet Woodland 

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I don't think I could pick just one as it would keep changing with my mood... had to get absolutely ruthless just to cull my list down to five. Actually a little surprised with what made the final cut. In no particular order:

Tarot Of Vampyres
Chrysalis Tarot
Alice Tarot
Harry Potter Tarot
Illuminated Tarot (have a shimmer, a glitter and a starlight version of Herzer's beautiful deck)

Surprised but relieved to see my three most expensive decks made the list. Hey... I did splurge for a reason
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Victorian Romantic.
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Prisma Visions
Visconti di Modrone

Malpertius decks
Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards
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Of the decks I own I'd have to say the Mary-El Tarot and the Paulina Tarotl
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Beautiful Decks

Hands down....

Angel Tarot {Majors Only deck 22 cards} Creator(s): Maria Miduki & Michel Angela

Crystal Visions Even the backs are beautiful!

************************************************** *****************

The new decks that were just released...

The Good Tarot looks pretty also, but not sure how it looks in person.

************************************************** ************

For the most adorable and the most fun...

Everyday Witch Tarot

Brightest Blessings!
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Citizen X
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Citizen X

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Omaggio a Erte

Omaggio a Erte by Amerigo Folchi
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My friends :(
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My friends :(

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Most beautiful for me I think I have to say is the Celtic Wisdom.

And following that, yet another vote for Prisma Visions.
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