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Which deck do you think is the most beautiful?

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Third edition Tarot of Prague and/or the Alice Tarot.
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Mixtape expert

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The Prisma Visions for sure, but among the decks I own, the Mary El and the Linestrider are right up there as well in terms of art; unfortunately the cardstock of both decks is a bit of a letdown.
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Hemera  Hemera is offline
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Oh, there are *so* many votes for the Prisma Visions. Wow. And I had just managed to de-enable myself..sigh..

My vote for the most beautiful deck would go to the Morgan-Greer. Every single card there is just lovely.
The runner up would be Nicoletta Ceccoli.
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Folchi's decks. And La Corte dei Tarocchi...
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I can't choose between those three:

Celtic Wisdom
Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Prisma Visions
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The 78th Fool 

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I couldn't narrow it down to just one. These are the four that really stand out for me:
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Lisa Myobun 

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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
If this is not too far off topic, I would like to thank Nisaba for this post and for her insightful AT review of the deck, which prompted me to purchase it. It is obvious that the artist created this deck primarily out of love for the Lebanese culture, not for money, because the limitation of the edition did not allow for significant profit to be made from its sale.

No more Lebanese Tarot decks will be printed, so I feel very lucky to have one.

Thank you both, Richard and Nisaba. I just learned about this deck through your posts here - and am heartbroken to learn how scarce it now is....
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Lisa Myobun 

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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
Of original tarot art - and that's what counts for me here - using other artwork is fine and I love it but it's a different category for me - but of original tarot art I'd say Elisabette Trevisan's Crystal tarot (a classic and still beautiful to me after all these years). Also the Pagan Otherworlds. A breathtaking deck.

Yes yes yes. Everything about Pagan Otherworlds just makes my heart soar, from the box with its customs stamp to the cardstock to the crazy beautiful old-mastery painterly art. AND - just got a 1995 Crystal. THERE's a deck begging to be reissued in large format...
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Bat Chicken 

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I am too visually oriented to work with a deck I don't find aesthetically pleasing no matter how good it is. My favourites:

William Blake

And I can't help it, but the Noblet Marseille makes me smile. Out of all the Marseille, it is the most beautiful.

I saw some comments above on the China. Gorgeous, flawless art, but doesn't feel like tarot to me.
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Scarlet Woodland 

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Originally Posted by Scarlet Woodland View Post
I don't think I could pick just one as it would keep changing with my mood... had to get absolutely ruthless just to cull my list down to five. Actually a little surprised with what made the final cut. In no particular order:

Tarot Of Vampyres
Chrysalis Tarot
Alice Tarot
Harry Potter Tarot
Illuminated Tarot (have a shimmer, a glitter and a starlight version of Herzer's beautiful deck)

Surprised but relieved to see my three most expensive decks made the list. Hey... I did splurge for a reason
You know what? I can do it...

The Alice Tarot (Baba)
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