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There is a plan to stay in touch for the solstice and equinox readings. (I"m working currently on an Autumn Equinox spread for 12 days). Raven of Summer and I are in contact, there is a list, you can contact either of us and be added to the list. No matter where we decide to do these readings (we might even hop forums for it), I'd love to see this tradition continued even though I'm a newcomer to it. Let's try at least to make this work!
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Unhappy final farewell

I managed to miss several days while being at a festival I dont regret that. Yet been really unwell I managed to collapse from 12am till 3pm next day with no reason for it and awaiting a scan to see whats going on! stubborn miz refuses hospital as thingks they are grotty places to be. ( sorry! they freak me out!) well its nearly midnight and I am feeling grr! I want to be here as thought it was shutting on the 17th. I feel pretty sad about it all as came into this place late and enjoyed wandering around threads and posting myself as well as seeing what interesting messages pop up be it serious or funny. some post with threads with the word crap in title and such that just lift your day!

well see you all somewhere else best wishes

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Wand, broom, cauldron & crystal ball technician
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Holly doll 
Truly... Fare well...

I was just speaking to my husband about the sadness I feel with the ending of AT; when it hit me that this forum was about SO MUCH more than learning & sharing the love of tarot.

AT in many ways held a Sacred Space...

This is the ONLY forum where I have NEVER had any abuse or generalised nastiness; instead only been met with patience & respectful comments & input. Blissful to know that this was a space where "grownup" behaviour was expected; rather than silly spats & abuse.

One of the best things about this place is trolls were swiftly banished, the portcullis closed & the drawbridge lifted; leaving only members & lurkers seated at our computers or over our decks, studying & musing over the gifts that tarot taught us.

Another are the many friendships - some from far flung places around the world that have sprung up like wildflowers, sometimes precipitating travel around the world. There were also those friendships & connections made when members for one reason or another couldn't leave their homes or towns; AT was their door to us - & us to them - we could wander through & visit when the urge struck us.

AT opened minds & hearts & formed the most wonderful support system, with both love (& tough love when needed). Loneliness lifted when logging in, support was given in tough times, shoulders & tissues were offered as tears were shed.

Then, when it all got too much adventures into the Games thread brought the smiles back, as some of the wags & wits strut their stuff.

May you ALL be Blessed as you move forward in your lives.


Be Blessed & Blessed Be

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DaughterOfDanu  DaughterOfDanu is offline
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When one door closes...(Goodbye AT)

I decided a week or so back that I was going to post my goodbye on the 13th rather than the 14th as I am not sure exactly when the forum will be set to Read Only and I don't want to miss telling you all what you and this forum have meant to me during my 7 years here. I've changed so much as a person spiritually and just in day to day life. I have joined and moved on from many forums and groups but I have always remained here, even through any breaks I've taken. I've always felt like I could jump back in and it would be like I never left.

This forum is truly something special, made so by the people here. I've learned so much in my time here, my skills have gone from being a reader who has a basic understanding of the cards meaning to incorporating the suits/elements, and even numerology into my readings. I have truly developed and it is because of the continual support I've had here.

Here is where I learned the cardinal rule of divination- You do what works for you. Nothing else is needed to have a relationship with the cards and to be a reader.

Here is where I learned to love and appreciate how we all got along with one another, maturely, which is something that is hard to find on the internet these days as so many of you know, I'm sure.

Here is where I developed my deck collecting addiction And why I have a beautiful collection.

I plan on waiting and watching to see how each forum develops before ultimately picking one. But I am under the same name (DaughterofDanu) on Cartomancy, Tarotsphere, and TT&M (Littlefang's forum) and will be continuing on with the DotW discussions- my favorite part of this forum on TT&M. So while I may be a little quiet, I will be back and I will definitely be looking forward to seeing you all and continuing to learn from you somewhere, someday.

This was my first post here and I feel so emotional reading it, thinking about how much has changed and how I've gone from having a dream to making it a reality as a professional reader. I joined at such a pivotal point in my life, being freshly 18 and finally able to dive into tarot and spirituality as an adult, it's a very nostalgic feeling.

So with a heavy heart, I say goodbye AT forum, we will continue on but this place will always hold so many memories.

Originally Posted by DaughterOfDanu
I've been reading Tarot and Oracle cards for almost 5 years and have been lurking both the forums and main site for just as long.
I'm a just as much a collector as I am a reader and often find myself feeling like I have an addiction problem lol. I love the artwork in Tarot cards and find it just imposssible to say no to buying new decks.

I've always had a dream of becoming a professional Tarot reader and owning my own little new age shop. Lately I've been pressed to pick a profession so I can go to school for it and more and more I find myself wishing I could just follow my dream. But it would be nearly impossible for a highschool graduate to run a shop by herself and still have her very Christian mother approve (or even talking to her)

But such as life and I'll hold onto my dream for later.

I hope to meet and become friends with you all!


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For posterity's sake

I hope more people will post their final "goodbye" messages here so that we can all find them in one place ...

The "last post" you want to make, the message you want for people to remember, and for the world to see when people visit these pages.
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mah jong 

Again, my thanks to Solandia and others who have worked and posted on this website. I've learned lots. From here, I'm planning on doing some intensive, personal tarot work. Eventually, I intend to find a new online tarot home.

All the best, everyone.
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in a barrel in the yard
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Thank you Solandia and the mods (including myself, briefly) for the beautiful job running a most influential forum all these years.

I will miss AT and what it brought into my life all these years.
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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
There is a plan to stay in touch for the solstice and equinox readings. (I"m working currently on an Autumn Equinox spread for 12 days). Raven of Summer and I are in contact, there is a list, you can contact either of us and be added to the list. No matter where we decide to do these readings (we might even hop forums for it), I'd love to see this tradition continued even though I'm a newcomer to it. Let's try at least to make this work!
Add the Yule reading to that list. I'll get in touch.
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I'm not certain this will be my absolute last post ... but it is going to be very close.

I am, frankly, finding myself depressed now when I'm visiting these pages as the last hours tick down. Originally, I had planned to be here for The moment, but now I'm not sure that I can do it. In so many respects, this feels like when my family were sitting around the hospice center when my dad was there, watching him fade away ... watching him die. Then, just 3 months later, it was my brother, sister and I watching mom die in the same hospice center. I am now experiencing those feelings again, perhaps not as intense, but still the same.

The Aeclectic Tarot Forums have given me far more than I could ever return. I have often said that there is no better single source of information about the Tarot than The Forums. There was so much cumulative experience and knowledge that one couldn't come here and fail to learn.

The Forums have taught me to move beyond the original "book" meanings for the cards. I have learned how 78 pictures can describe every aspect of Human Existence. How they can look deeply into the past and that they can give very clear glimpses into possible futures. How they can apply to mundane, day to day activities and explore the depths of the psyche.

Moreover, The Forums have kept me moving forward in my Tarot Journey. When I first came here (15 years ago!) I was having a rocky time with Tarot. Even though I'd been studying almost 10 years by that time, I was still struggling with "book meanings" and was probably ready to give it up altogether. But the wonderful people here gave me hope and renewed my interest.

To me, the Aeclectic Tarot Forum will always be THE Forum ... many others have popped up for us, but I don't think any of them will ever be quite what The Forum has been.

Thanks to Solandia, all of the moderators and every person who has helped me personally and helped The Forum be what it has been.
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It's getting very close.

This was my tarot home since 2002. I remember when I first joined, I would sign in a few times a day to read the new posts. Everything was new to me then.

Thank you Solandia and mods. Your hard work has made this the wonderful forum what it was.

Hope to see you on the new forums -- I have registered as Cocobird55 on all of them.
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