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TAO of my heart.......

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Thumbs up TAO of my heart.......

I'm not sure this is posted in the right forum, so please feel free to move it, thanx.

The Tao Oracle by Ma Deva Padma arrived today, and it just knocks me out! it's not just the increadable art--I've come to expect that of Ms Padma (Ms Ma?) but her grip on the I Ching, and how she brings it forward into this century and makes it clear and revelevant.

I struggled with the I Ching for many years, reading different translations, interpeting it this way, and then that way, and never quite understanding what it was saying to me.
It would give advice like:
"The Superior Man does not waste turnips on donkeys" OK, but then, in the changing lines you get, "It is not the way of the Superior Man to withhold food from donkeys."
OK. No turnips for donkeys, but feed them. feed them what, there are only turnips... And I was asking qbout my love life, anyway...

After 5 or 6 years of this I gave up, and just did cards. Which eventually led me here, a very good thing. Have other taroists had this same problem with the I Ching? Or am I an lonely only?

BUT Now - Here is an I Ching I understand, and I think it's WONDERFULL. I never thought I'd see the day. Is anyone else having this same experience with this deck?
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You call her "Padma," "Deva Padma," or along with several hundred million adult Indian women, "Ma." In Padma's case "Ma" is the feminine version of the once exclusively male title "Swami."
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Well thanks, firefly,
That does ease that bit of confusion.
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Golden Silvery Dionna
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Hi all, I am moving this to the Forum: Oracle decks.
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TAO of Mom's Heart, too!

This a version of I-Ching cards I thought was especially beautiful, but I had already learnt to focus on the hexagram, so the pics were too distracting in the end.
However, the set got a new life when I gave it to my mother.
Mom and I have always shared the journey of cartomancy since my initial interest five years ago, and we both cultivated impressive collections along the way.
I also studied the cards for reading them, while she tended to be interested more for the artistic aspects of the cards.
Mom had continually accumulated numerous decks, usually favoring oracles over tarots, but never with any interest in using them (except to occassionally take them out and admire them).
Finally, she gave me the whole lot of her collection, determining that they were being wasted just sitting in a trunk.
Fast-forward to earlier this year...
The TAO Oracle, beautiful as it is, was not working for me.
Something told me to offer it to my mom.
Perhaps it was because I recalled her initial reaction to the cards when I had opened it that first time, but I don't believe she had been any more enthusiastic than when I showed her other decks.
For whatever reason, I had a hunch, and it proved to be correct.
My mom loves these cards, and actually reads with them!
She reads the text over and over after her longer readings, and she also pulls a card whenever the spirit moves her, to contemplate the images.
Eventually, she wants me to show her how to read the hexagrams more traditionally.
So, though this set did not work for me, it still has a special place in my heart, as the one-and-only deck that has worked it's way into my mom's heart.
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Bean Feasa 

I just received this today, haven't had a chance to look at the book yet and I'm afraid I don't know a thing about the I Ching. But I know beautiful cards when I see them and I am absolutely blown away by this deck. I'm looking forward to learning something about the I Ching from it but most of all to just playing with these cards. Will keep you posted
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Bean Feasa, I'm so excited for you.
Glad to hear this beautiful jewel has made its way to your home.
Maybe I'll pull mine out in toast!
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The TAO Oracle is a favorite of mine. It is the only deck of any kind I own in which I don't mind the keywords - I actually embrace them. I use this deck along with the Osho Zen (also by Ma Deva Padma) for my daily draw (which I am behind on).

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I have never enjoyed any I Ching readings, they just meant very little to me and were a bit too dry. I will look up these cards though. Sound really beautiful.
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In case it's of interest... Ma Deva Padma translates as "Mother Goddess Lotus" I believe.

The Ma is Mother, an honorary title of Mataji, as mentioned, shortened. Deva is Goddess. Padme is lotus... I believe Padma is lotus flower.

Don't have the deck but I've found magpie9's recommendations fabulous irl!!!
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