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Gilded Tarot SG - 10 of Wands

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Gilded Tarot SG - 10 of Wands

I originally saw the card differently from what is said in the book. Here is what I see:

the man is carrying a heavy burden. he is straining, but he doesn't look upset. he seems to have taken on the burden by choice. He may not realize how much the burden has been building up. He probably took on the wands one at a time, not realizing how heavy the load would get. But he made a commitment, and he won't back down now. The sun is setting, and he is not home yet, but he still trudges along. There are stags looking on in the distance. Are these the same stags from the 2 of wands? Is this the result of the path he chose in that card?

Now according to the book, it is sunrise, not sunset. He has been carrying the burden all night. There is a full moon and dawn is on the horizon. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

After reading this, I began to think that maybe the book is right for the upright position - there is light at the end of the tunnel, the dawn is about to break. but maybe for the reversed intrepertation, maybe the day is turning into night with no end of the burden in sight.

What does anyone else think?
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Gilded Tarot SG -- 10 of Wands

It seems that the man carries determination forwards, willing to do what he must with strength of will, not yielding to difficulty but striving through it. Sunrise silhouttes the stags, their antlers strong against the soft pastels of daybreak. The grass glows with newday. As the moon fades, the wands brighten -- dauntless and adamant, the man makes his own success story.
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He's probably tired whatever the time of day.

His burden looks as though its balance is precarious.

Is he near the end of his work, and risking the loss of his wands?

Or is he starting out carrying too much at once.

Tens are 1 + 0 ...they can be beginnings as easily as completions.

I also think of the Wheel of Fortune, another X. So morning, night, maybe neither makes a difference. It's perhaps the weight of the load he carries that may be his downfall and, therein, may be his lesson.

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Ten of Wands

The card reminds me of moving day. You get up early in the morning to beat the traffic. You also have a lot of work to accomplish. Now you can carry the wands one at a time, or you can carry them all and make one trip. The traveler has arranged all his wands pointing in one direction (up and left); he has gathered them all together at their base; and he carries them on his back. Can all ideas meet at the same point? His face is up, he knows where he is going. The nosey neighbors are out watching (stags). There are three trees. Moving day is bittersweet--sadness and excitement. Where the heck is he going to put all these wands when he gets to his new cottage?

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Love it, Maks....I like the "bittersweet" part. That really fits the 10 for me...endings but not quite and beginnings, too. Like at the end of a career and beginning of a new stage. How much "stuff" do we carry with us and what could or should we have left behind. Very cool!

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