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Star and Temperance

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Star and Temperance

This could have been discussed already but here it is again.

Does anyone see the similarities of the two in regards to the water. Both have one foot on earth and one in water. Both are pouring water. One into another cup...the other in a cycle of the earth....
What is one's interpretation of this...

I had both these cards come up in a recent spread I did on past lives with someone. In one life...where it begins with this person there was the Star. Then two lives further there was Temperence....

I just find it odd that both have very close and very visible similarities.

Any comments?
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When I think of "The Fool's Journey" and these two cards,
they seem like the gateways in and out of the Underworld.

Temperance offers comforting assurance that we are not alone,
and The Star begins the return to light, though we emerge in
the primal wilderness of The Moon ~ with the final return to
the world of light coming when we burst forth in The Sun...
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Both having one foot in the water-subconscious, emotion, inner world, are balanced by the grounding of having the other foot on land, practical-physical-conscious. So both are about finding a balance from within, or taking a more balanced approach to things.

Temperance blends and unifies opposing forces, transforming or homogenizing them into something different, while the Star is a nourishing, life giving thing, coming from the source and trickling outwards.
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A lot would depend on the context of the readings, White Raven, ezpecially with a past life reading.

The suggestions of Fulgour and Wales Woman are both relevant. Temperance is also suggestive of Hierophant - a bridge between one's internal and external worlds (14 & 5). Star is suggestive of 8 Strength in the RWS deck (17 & 8). Hope and strength are connected in some ways.

A stated earlier, the context is quite important.
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Star and Temperance

I appreciate our Alaskan friend's insights. When the two arcana are co-meditated, they become mutually clearer. The Temperance Angel is our Higher Self blending opposites into dynamic unity, as He/She hovers between sky and earth. The feet cannot hold up the Angel in their positions -- the wings and meditative concentration allow the Angel to hover and stand. But what is the Angel's attention centered upon? Synthesis as Life. Art. Soul (water) and Body ( land ) directed by imaginative Synthesis, such as a genius founding a system of philosophy or an artist joining colors or tones into an original pattern. The Angel's robe and wings are a synthesis in themselves of vertical and horizontal,etc.
On the other hand, the Star is receptive inspiration, downpouring spiritual insight through the naked soul, vitalizing it and material existence. No robe or wings. Transparency.
The Angel concentrates a new world into being, the Star inspires a new world into being. While the Angel joins, the Star's light emanates.
To be human is to become both Tempering Angel and guiding Star.
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I like Frank Hall's ideas. The balance of is a more conscious, willful, and effortful balance than the balance of . In , the natural balance of give and take, the dynamic equilibrium of energy flow, comes naturally, whereas in , energy must constantly and effortfully be monitored and adjusted to keep it flowing.

I see both cards as addressing the realization that in order to have energy to draw from, we must give as much as we take. If we try to hold on to and store up power without constantly discharging it, energy becomes blocked, and we weaken. Looking at nature, I think one of life's most important laws and lessons is that of balance. So many of us want to only focus on the light and ignore the dark, to seek everlasting peace without understanding how violence, chaos, upheaval, and death make life in our world possible. And the reason we are living out of balance with our world today is because we keep taking more than we give, refusing to accept that life and survival demand sacrifice and loss. As a species, we are not in a state of dynamic equilibrium with our planet. As such, we are unhealthy and unstable, and are headed towards disaster.

I believe one of the most important teachings of these cards is that they remind us about FLOW and BALANCE on a personal level. We must unblock our energy and let it flow from us freely in order to receive energy and inspiration. reminds us of actively synthesizing, mixing, and balancing in order to have the right mix for our current situation. We may have energies and possibilities available to us that do not seem applicable until we learn how to mix and apply them. reminds us to be open to life, not to get walled behind protective armor, and finding power and inspiration through being open and generous. Both cards teach us how to achieve EQUILIBRIUM.
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I've always seen it as Wales Woman descibes it: one foot lying in the water- emotional, spirtitual, and the other firmly rooted on the earth- material, everyday.
Realised: both cards form a sort of "circut" with the earth and water. Temperance- through the angel's earthed foot, to that in the water, along the angel's body to the cup, from which water flows to the other cup, and back down the angel's body to the foot again.
The Star- from the woman's foot in the stream, up through earthed leg and her body, to her arms, to the pitcher of water, which flows back into the stream.

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one to another

temperance is balance, the star is destiny. one leads to the other.
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I find it interesting that both Earth and Water are both feminine qualities, whereas with Temperance is associated with Sagittarius, which is a fire sign, which is male. And The Star is associated with Aquarius, which is an air sign, which is male. So, in some context there is a need for balance between the male and feminine energies, where the male energies can be say associated with expansiveness and abundance, and the female energies can be associated with receptivity, the ability to accept what has been offered to you.
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I think the Aquarius attribution was done because this sign was depicted almost in an identical way.
The Sagittarius attribution was done because sagittarius=kentaur, so being half animal and half human - which gives always the need to balance something out and of "temperance" in the broadest sense.

being a Sagittarius myself I gladly confirm that this sign is far away from being similar to Temperance in daily life ; )
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