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XII. The Hanging Cat
rachelcat's Avatar
Join Date: 30 Oct 2004
Location: Washington, DC
Posts: 3,376
Exclamation Another Heart Spread

See post 17 below for an updated version!

Here is (another) relationship spread in the shape of a heart. When I created it, I intended it to be a cute, just-for-fun Valentines Day spread, but in using it and in practice, it can sometimes give harsh answers. For example, in practice (not reading for real people) I got a reading that pretty much said "she's only interested in him for his money"!!! So use at your own risk! But seriously, if you try it, please let me know how it works for you.


1. Him
2. Her
3. The relationship
4. How she sees him
5. How he sees her
6. Physical aspects of the relationship
7. Where the relationship came from
8. Where the relationship is going

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Teranar's Avatar
Join Date: 29 Sep 2002
Location: Nashville
Posts: 455

Wow, this is very similar to one I use that I learned from someone here, wish I could remember who.

Going through life its easy to trip and fall down. Sometimes the tripping is done by people we love and trust. All we can really do is get back up, brush ourselves off, and keep walking.
Avatar made by jlbvt! She's really nice!
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Cyllah's Avatar
Join Date: 21 Dec 2004
Location: Texas, United States
Posts: 116
Seeking your input....

Okay I did tried this spread for a friend and was a lil confused by the end result.. Maybe your input would help to get a different prospective of it..


1. Him- Eight of Wands
2. Her- Ace of Swords
3. The relationship- Nine of Swords
4. How she sees him-Nine of Cups
5. How he sees her- The Devil
6. Physical aspects of the relationship- Ten Of Cups
7. Where the relationship came from- Seven of Cups
8. Where the relationship is going- Five of Swords

I don't think this man really loves her and has no intentions of going anywhere.. He seems loving at all times around her but something tells me it's not genuin...
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Old 22-12-2004     Top   #3
Card Reader/Fortune Teller
Grizabella's Avatar
Join Date: 08 Jul 2004
Location: northwest US
Posts: 23,103

I think this spread clearly shows that he's obsessed with her. (Devil in "how he sees her position). He quickly entered the relationship, possibly a "love at first sight" sort of reaction (8 wands.) She therefore had power with him as her conquest, as indicated by the Ace of Swords. This card also speaks to me that she has a more practical attitude about the relationship in some ways, whereas he just swiftly moved into it carried along by passion.

9 of Swords to describe the relationship doesn't bode well and indicates a lot of strife in the relationship. She sees him as the fulfillment of all her dreams (9 cups) of what a man should be. But he's obsessed with her (Devil) and that means he feels she's his possession and that he'll be controlling of her and hard to get rid of if she decides to break it off. ( You're right when you said he's not going anywhere).

Physical aspects of the relationship are good, it seems to me, as indicated by the 10 of cups. Sexual compatibility is probably good.

But the 7 Cups as to where the relationship came from indicates to me that neither of them really came from a basis in reality. There may have been some basic confusion on both their parts as to what they want/need/desire from a relationship or that they had unrealistic dreams about what this relationship would be, or that they each had different ideas that were not compatible or based in fact.

With the 5 Swords as the outcome, I don't see that the relationship is going to be "happily ever after". I see that it's probably not going to work out in the long run and that the breakup might be quite unpleasant.

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huredriel's Avatar
Join Date: 19 Nov 2004
Location: UK
Posts: 11,437

Originally Posted by rachelcat
But seriously, if you try it, please let me know how it works for you.
Hi Rachelcat, just thought I'd let you know I've tried your spread as it looked really great (tho I think I've come up with a biased interpretation). Here's the thread:

Thanks for posting this.
x Huredriel
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XII. The Hanging Cat
rachelcat's Avatar
Join Date: 30 Oct 2004
Location: Washington, DC
Posts: 3,376
Cyllah and Lyric:

Thanks for trying out the spread. Wow, I warned you it could be a bit harsh at times! I agree with Lyric's interpretation, unfortunately for the relationship. I particularly think linking the 8 Wands and 7 Cups as "love at first sight," combined with the Devil, as obsession, are good ideas. Sorry, I never like to see 5 Swords in an outcome position! I hope all turns out well. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.
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Join Date: 03 Oct 2005
Location: az usa
Posts: 1
Question i have a question

i love this spread but i'm just learning how to read so i did a spread on someone i'mseeing and am having problems with and got really mixed views on the answer if anyone has an opinion on please feel free to help!

1. him page of swords
2. her heirophant
3. the relationship 5 of swords
4. she sees him ten cups
5. he sees her 4 wands
6. physical queen penticals
7. came from ace cups
8. going to lovers
it sounds really good but i cant tellfor sure
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Old 03-10-2005     Top   #7
red11's Avatar
Join Date: 31 May 2006
Location: WI, USA
Posts: 546

I know this thread has been dead for awhile...but I just had to tell of an amazing occurence that truly gave me goosebumps!

I did this spread, and it just did not seem right, so I decided to shuffle again. Well, in the middle of shuffling, after I had shuffled for a few times, some cards fell out of the deck. As I turned them over, they turned out to be the EXACT same cards I had just disregarded, minus one! I said to myself, ok, I'll read them, they obviously want to be read, wow. But where is the last card?

I stopped shuffling, turned the deck over, and there it was, the bottom card! I am still new to the cards and their power, but this truly amazed me :-O Wow, I am still shocked.
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Old 02-06-2006     Top   #8
red11's Avatar
Join Date: 31 May 2006
Location: WI, USA
Posts: 546
after reading

And then, after trying again to read the spread, I had an "aha" moment and realized the cards were completely accurate! Go figure...
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Join Date: 26 Mar 2006
Location: Colorado
Posts: 21

I just had to post a thank you for this brilliant spread! seriously, it works perfectly for me and the thing about harsh truths- it does reveal them, and dead on too.

"Learn to love the questions themselves,like locked rooms, like tappings behind dark glass."...M. Rainer Rilke

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