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braille tarot books.

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vhrsn  vhrsn is offline
Join Date: 10 Nov 2004
Location: United States, North Carolina
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Exclamation braille tarot books.

I was wondering if anybody here knows where I can get a book about learning tarot in braille or on tape? Please let me know. regards Veronica
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Scion  Scion is offline
Join Date: 03 Nov 2004
Location: New York City, US
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Hey again vhrsn... We keep bumping into each other on the boards.

I'm assuming you have either a braille feed from your PC or some voice-to-text capabilities, have you considered doing a google search for tarot texts available online. I know that Paul Case and A.E. Waite and several author's can be found posted at various sites.

That said, I HIGHLY recommend Joan Bunning's site at It IS illustrated but the text portions are exceptionally well-organized, thorough, and detailed. Comprehensive and yet something you could take in chunks as you have the time. She even offers the entire course as a downloadable file. She also published the curriculum as Learning the Tarot a few years back, but by using the website or the downloadable file you'd have the advantage of your PC's text capabilities. Is that at all helpful?
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Logiatrix  Logiatrix is offline
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Here's a site I found that may be useful; they may have a means to provide what you are seeking, or at least a suggestion of another source.

Good luck!
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jlbvt  jlbvt is offline
Join Date: 13 Oct 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
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Audio Book on Ebay

There's an audio book on ebay. I don't think I can put the address of the item here, but do a search with this title:

Audio Books How to Read Tarot Wanless

It ends in two days, and I am not sure how common this title is. There are no bids yet. I hope this helps you!

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