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People Spread

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People Spread

em, ok, thought up of a spread for describing a person, but this is my first spread so it needs a bit of... tuning, lol.


1. The persons' logical side
2. The persons' creative side
3. The persons' heart
4. The persons' characteristics
5. The persons' good points
6. The persons' financial side
7. The persons' "bad" points, or aeras to improve on

Cards 1 and 2 are meant to overlap so it looks like an upside-down "V", and the whole spread is meant to look like a person. There might already be a spread like this, but I wanted to think of one to use on fictional characters and stuff, but it needs a lot of refining.

Please give your opinions on this, because it's my first spread and a bit messy.

Thanks all, Carly
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Did you mean you want to use this spread to make fictional characters/explore fictional characters' personalities more? Or something else? Sorry, kind of confused there.. ^^;;

Also, what do you mean by a person's "financial" side?

In terms of the layout... Please don't take this the wrong way, but it looks more like a tree than a person. I think this could be fixed by not having the top two cards slanted, and just having them right next to eachother, and then the bottom two cards being vertical but further away from eachother than the top two. Kind of like this, I think..

I'm afraid I don't have much to say on the meanings.. I think they're pretty good, but I'm really just starting to use spreads other than the Celtic Cross and a 5-card spread, so I don't know what other people'd say. Hopefully someone else will say something more constructive on this than me! ^^
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