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Tarot of Prague - General Comments

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Join Date: 26 May 2004
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Happy New Year to us all.

Card of the week, first card of the year, The High Priestess. I need to make a cup of coffee for myself and give her some thought before I post.
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Can someone please PM me when I am up next, thanks
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Angel Star 
Talking just saw this deck

I am in the middle of just looking at this deck. I saw it on amazon it was a recommendation from to me and i think it is so beautiful not many decks lately have been taking my breath away. Hope to own it soon.
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Oh - the High Priestess! I am really loving how the cards are turning up. Alex and I sat poring over a book on alchemy over the weekend (alchemy is becoming a shared obsession recently) and talking about the "Monas" symbol - we used it on the High Priestess's book. I actually know more now than when I wrote about it in the book, so I will gather my thoughts together (concisely!) and post about that.

This is another of the cards that went through numerous changes. I wish I could find some of the old sketches - if they turn up I'll post some. They aren't good, but they do show some of the development of our thinking in doing certain cards (not that that's necessarily interesting).

Apart from that, I would really like to hear more about what people think about this card - it's one that seems to provoke quite a lot of discussion - she is definitely a "severe" High Priestess - so it depends how you respond to that. I don't feel the HP should be too sweet or approachable, but well, that's just me...
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Re: Oh - the High Priestess!

Hello Karen,

I absolutely love the High Priestess in your deck! Before I purchased your deck a couple of weeks ago (oh, I have fallen in love with it) I had been looking at the card images on the ToP website and the High Priestess is the one that grabbed me the most. I agree that the HP shouldn't be too approachable - anyone with such depth, wisdom, and intuition has to be careful and responsible without how she uses her energy and allows people in her inner circle. What struck me the most about the card is that she is pointing very decidedly at a specific line of text in the book on her lap, while looking astutely at, not the reader, but definitely something or someone specific. The image reminds me of divination, and more specifically, of bibliomancy - although, she appears to be using it more by second nature to give specific (possibly strict) counsel with a silent, intense look. I feel I can't elaborate on it enough, even in my own mind. I also like the light purplish tent to her skin, which seems to say that she is an embodiment of the Divine.

I am a bit new to this forum and am also using this thread as an excuse to say thank you very much for your creativity and labor in such a seemingly flawless, beautiful work of art - The Tarot of Prague.
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Getting a bit confused . . . re: Card of the Week

Originally Posted by Maks
Happy New Year to us all.

Card of the week, first card of the year, The High Priestess. I need to make a cup of coffee for myself and give her some thought before I post.

I didn't post on High Priestess yet - been busy. I saw that it was the Card pulled for the beginning of the year.

What came next? I see a recent post for Queen of Cups so I'll check to see if that's the next card.

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I've been reading along, and just got my deck today! Lovely. I'd like to join in the discussion, but for now, I will just enjoy my new deck and get to know it a bit.

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Angel Star 
Talking just got my deck

I received my deck last week and did my first reading with it today for my sister in law. She loved the deck and felt the reading was very insightful for her. Boy did she need some quidance and I am glad the Prague was there for her. She got a very nice feel from the deck and wants more readings from it.
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Hello everyone! Sorry I have been away so long, but it's lovely to come back and see the Tarot of Prague Cafe Club still going strong! What a wonderful deck! Do people still want to keep up the "Card of the Week" draw? Back a couple months ago when I made up the list of "volunteers" I proposed we go as follows:

Temperance Angel

I see we stopped with Maks, although WhiteWolf has jumped in with a draw. Thank you, and welcome! Since TA asked to be PMed when she was next, I just wrote to see if she'd draw a card for this week. But after that, I think we should all pester our beloved deck's creator, and see if baba-prague won't pull a card next week. Whaddya say?

And volunteers for the following weeks? I will PM Helvetica and Ruby7, but would everyone just like to go again, perhapps adding in RedMaple and WhiteWolf?
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Most definately Gardener, lets go again.

I have revisited a few of the threads here in the last couple of days and still feel we have more to do. I never posted on the High Priestess as I had already posted to it last year and really couldn't add anything at that time.

I look forward to seeing what the next card will be

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