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Tarot of Prague - General Comments

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Angel Star 
Wink re:great deck

I have done alot of readings with this deck and i am always amazed at the beauty of the messages that come from it. Its very different type of energy whenever i read from this deck. I usually get a feel for each deck i read with but this deck i still cannot quite put my fiinger on what type of energy it has. Its very blunt i will tell you that. lol! To the point and that is it. That must be its energy the truth and nothing but the truth. I love its beauty its kind of a trickster deck to me it is. This is one of newer favorites. Will be using this much in the future. Everyone enjoy this deck it is quite unique.
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Hi all, I'm back again. I seem to be in and out a lot, but I think that seems to be working out okay for all of us. Like Jewel-ry, I have a few posts to catch up on. I am next to post a new card, and then it will be Jewel-ry's turn. I think. Hope nobody minds if I am making this up on the fly. Hey elf, if you want to jump in and post a card, that would be great!

I love the reading circle idea. Great suggestion, elf! I really enjoyed the 3 x 3 project that Helvetica orchestrated for the Marseilles, would you all be interested in doing a Prague 3 x 3 reading to kick off? I could post a thread in the Reading Exchange and three of you could jump in...
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Prague 3x3

Oh Gardener, I'd love to take part! It was a great exercise with the Marseille, and I think the triple reading would really bring out some interesting elements in a Prague reading. Now I'm back from my travels (for the time being) I can participate more fully.

One thing I'm beginning to appreciate more and more with this deck is the different layers of imagery, which connect to different levels of meaning. Very subtle.
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Yes, go for it Gardener. Still one of my favourite decks but I definately could do with more reading experience with it!

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I'm in too.
Maybe I could ask the question???
You three reading for me would be sublime!
But then I have the work of putting together top notch feedback, which is, not my favorite part!
But I promise I will!
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Join Date: 10 Oct 2004
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Originally Posted by elf
I'm in too.
Maybe I could ask the question???
You three reading for me would be sublime!
But then I have the work of putting together top notch feedback, which is, not my favorite part!
But I promise I will!
hehe, no topnotch feedback, no topnotch readings!

Or as Kafka might say - if you turn a corner and find yourself face-to-face with a bug, don't squash it, it might be your own brother

This sounds like a buddy-buddy holiday - we've seen Marseille, let's go to Prague! And my old travel-mates, too
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Just updating

Hi, everyone:

I just wanted to post that I can see that I will not be able to be as consistent with the ToP study group as I had hoped.

At this time with so many things going on in my life, I find I'm better at jumping in here and there when I get the chance. I'm finding that following a schedule re: posting isn't working for me at present, unfortunately. I love the ToP and would enjoy popping in to post when I can.

I don't know much about the Reading Exchange 3 x 3, but, it sounds interesting and I will be checking to see how it goes. Perhaps, when the dust settles a bit, I can participate.

Enjoy! Blessings to you!

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Queen of Disks 

Anybody here???? *echo echo echo*

I just received this card courtesy of Bershka (thanks again sweety! ) and this deck is AWESOME! I have this feeling that I am the last person on this planet to get this deck (and it's pretty much OOP-figures. ) So I will be hanging around this forum for a while and reading as much as I can. See ya around!
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Hi Queen of Disks,

I love this deck too! I'm basically a Tarot beginning, but I've been using the deck exclusively since the beginning of the year, and I think I've learned a lot. I still have plans to add to the individual card threads, but I haven't done much so far. For some of them, there is hardly anything posted. Anyway, nice to know I'll be seeing you around here.
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strings of life 

* wipes away 4 years of dust *

Wow, this is a really old study group, but then again, this deck isn't a new one. The last post on a card was last year, but most of them were made the years prior to.

I'd love to study this deck, but actions speak louder than words; I've bumped quite a few discussion threads on various decks, so actually DOING this is another story.

One card a week is ideal and my speed. I know that may take awhile, but I have learned in the past that rushing doesn't work. I need time to reflect and absorb what's in the card.

Is anyone else using this deck regularly or wants to participate?

ETA: I'll be using the 2nd edition and the book from the 1st. edition. But I may use the 1st edition deck too.
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