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Druidcraft Study Group: Queen of Wands

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Druidcraft Study Group: Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands sits on a throne with a point at the top & spirals on both sides. There's an eagle head carved at the front of the arms of the throne. She wears a red dress and cloak trimmed in gold with gold pants. On her feet she wears brown leather shoes. She's adorned in gold jewelry - armband, bracelets & circlet. About her waist is a woven golden belt with blue accent beads. Her cloak clasp is also golden with blue accents as well. The Queen's hair is gathered with green ribbon in loose sections.
This Queen is sitting quietly and seems to be in contemplation while staring at her wand. The base of her wand looks to have roots holding a smooth green stone. In the background we see a roaring fire, which the Queen doesn't seem too concerned with - she's so lost in thoughts or planning. Accompanying the Queen is her cat crouched down under her throne. I think the cat looks peevish, especially since its ears are flat out to the sides. To me the cat indicates that, although, the Queen looks very centered right now she could anger easily.
I think the fire could have been started to signify a meeting time and place. The Queen may be thinking about how to best address the issue at hand with her people. Although she's fiery, it's a controlled fire which can be a great tool or weapon - fight fire with fire. When fighting wild fires firefighters will set control or boundary fires to contain an out of control fire.
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When I looked the first time of the sample card, I didn't realize there was a cat under her throne until you mentioned that now. Thank you for that. I don't have this deck yet, but waiting to have once is released.

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The Queen is wearing trousers !
I quickly looked through the whole deck, but I did not find another woman wearing trousers. I think what she is wearing was not considered outrageous but was not the norm either.
Although she has made herself pretty (as show her jewelry and the ribbons in her hair), she is also saying: I wear what is practical and comfortable, because I want to ! I think it shows her independence, and her sense for practicality.
Although she is sitting down she also looks active, her body language says she is ready for anything and she can jump up at any moment.
She has one leg put forward and the other more to the side - her legs mirror those of the King of Wands. The King and the Queen even have the same colour tunic, the bright red so fitting for wands.

I love the cat under the chair ! As we already discussed in another thread, the cat also makes an appearance on a few other cards and in the Druid Animal Oracle ( )
In this oracle he gives as keywords for the cat: guardianship, detachment, sensuality. I can see these qualities in the queen...detachment not that obvious maybe, but it is probably there as well.

The queen's trousers also made me do a little search on celtic clothing. This site shows the robe as traditional for women and trousers + tunic for men:
(although men wore robes too, and as we see here, women could also wear trousers)
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I think a little gender bending with the clothing is appropriate for this card. The queen of wands in most decks usually has her legs open, it's very much a board-room stance, wearing men's clothing adds to this.
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I'm loving reading everyone's takes on the Court cards - I have real problems with the Courts (with every deck I've ever used) so I'm not contributing like I want too. But I'm learning something new each time I read these threads. I think some of the insights are amazing.

Also I love the DruidCraft Courts so I'm hoping that once I get to really use the deck they will speak to me.

I did notice that the Wand Queen is the only Queen that could be looking at you, she has her Wand high but her eyes look past it and her legs are very masculine looking and placed, I'm just checking to see what her King looks like - I think teamed together not alot would get past them.
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Thinking about the cat...

In Celtic myth and legend they usually have the role of guardian... a cat is said to guard the gates to the Otherworld. On the Island of Cats in The Voyage of Maelduin lives a cat guarding treasure it turns a thief to ashes with the stroke of his fiery paw.

Two other references to cats I can think of.... one who is able to shapeshift into a ball of fire another [Irusan of Knowth] who stole humans.

This Queen's cat doesn't look to friendly either.

The Queen herself reminds me of Boudica... even her wand looks a bit pointed and in celtic society women held as much power as men anything a man could do a woman could too.. so why wouldn't she wear trousers.
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As well as being the only female figure wearing pants....Fire women do like to wear the pants in any situation, just about. She is also the only Queen or female court member who isn't barefoot.

I was reading that shoes in them thar days were a sign of status and nobility, as least wealth. Bare feet are direct contact with the earth and sensual awareness, a common denominator. So even tho' I don't see a horse, I'd imagine she'd be one for a wild ride and be right along with the men out on patrols or anything they do and still look good doing it. She likes looking good but doing it in a way that is practical and gives her plenty of freedom of movement. So she's part of nature, but a bit of thin, tough hide keeps her from really touching earth and seperates her from others. She can be one of the guys, but is most definately all female too, with that off the shoulder tunic. But gives her a softness and vulnerability, she's only a thin layer of toughness, her protection only goes skin deep. That and she may only look at others on the surface, not going beneath the skin, unless she's curious enough to use the awl end of her sceptor.

I'd imagine the bonfire behind her is for the First fruits harvest for Lugh. Not to mention summertime is the best time for roasting hot dogs or wild boars and enjoying the long summer days and nights, after working hard all day organizing and directing the preparation and storage of the winter food and subsistance supply.

That wand she hold has pretty sharp point and is a bit narrow, fine for poking and prodding, digging up roots and making holes in fabrications, and with that stone on the end makes a fine hammer for pounding heads or grinding grain.

I've been trying to decide if it is a dragon or eagle or lion on her throne, and it is a replica of the one the King of Wands sits on. Which made me wonder are there two thrones or she like the Queen Swords, sits on it and takes turns with hubby ruling the roost? That perhaps her septor is her talking stick, giving her the right to speak and made her desires known.

What a queen! I just took one more last look and it's almost looks like she's saying..."I know exactly where I'd like to stick this."
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Hello everyone Mind if I join you?

I am struck by this Queen's eyes and her facial expression. I would have imagined that as a fire maiden, she would have been impetuous, but what I see is extraordinary lucidity. She is clear-sighted. There is no doubt that her body language speaks of self-confidence, but there is also a softness in her expression that I didn't expect to find on this queen's face. I think she has an understanding of compassion without mawkishness and exaggerated emotion...

The cat reminds me of the one from Alice in Wonderland. He seems to be uncannily self-possessed. Maybe it bears no relation in this deck, but the chariot of the Norse goddes Freyja (whom I have often associated with the Queen of Wands) was said to be drawn by two cats.

Have you noticed how this queen doesn't seem to grip the wand, but to be holding it gently?

Is that an emeral at the base of the wand? Could it have any relation to what the Hermeticists believe: that the Holy Grail was cut from an emerald that fell from Satan's crown during his battle with the Archangel? What about the belief, entertained by such as the emperor Nero who used emerald eye-glasses, that emeralds could heal eyes? The fact that the Druid Craft Queen of Wands has an unusual wand (unlike that of her husband) with this emerald suggests to me the possibility that it signifies her ability to see and perceive with greater clarity than the other queens...

Just some thoughts...
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Little Baron 

I think the Wand's court is my favourite. I like all characters and they fit so well together. They look like a family. The Princess is definitely her mother's daughter and I see the Prince in his father - his youthful energy, however, is more leveled as an adult, after experience and wisdom through age. Just looking at them, they could actually be young versions of the King and Queen - like snapshops from their youth - showing how their dreams have materialised, deepended and developed.

I like the modern feel of this queen. She really does seem to know where to poke that stick and as she looks at me, I am aware of the fact that she is not someone to be messed with - even though she would be a good person to have on your side. I like her mix of feminine and masculine. Her stance seemes secure and she is a point where she seems confident with who she is. I see her as a good friend and excellent role model for her children. I think she could be an excellent partner for her husband, the King. I think he relies on her to do battle with him and trusts her completely. I think she is also very sensual as a lover - there is nothing weak about her; she seems very much an equal to whomever she meets.

Is it just me or does that cat look like it has been squashed?

Just a few thoughts.
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Little Baron 

Just looking at the four as a whole, I notice that the other three cards are lighter and airier than the Queen's environment. She is the only one with fire in the picture. Maybe this shows her as a warmth to come home to - when the King has finished with whatever he is doing, the Princess returns from her journey of self-expression and the Prince has finished jumping waves. They all return to her - she feels like the grounded element of the four and is why so many people seek her practical advice and example. I see her as someone that works hard from home - whereas the King is out at meetings, she runs her business and boardroom from the fire - that rod keeps all of her recruits in line, even if she is not there in person.

I like this queen a lot.
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