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Haunted Houses

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Exclamation Haunted Houses

I know when people say haunted house it sounds scary but have you ever lived in one? I have. And i don't blame anyone since it was in a dead town. Anyway if you have read the post Hearing Voices/Sounds i said in there that i woke up one night and saw a ghost standing there watching me sleep! I didn't know how long it was watching me though. I used to hear at night the floor boards creak in front of my bedroom. I know because there was a particular floor board that creaked only when someone stepped on it so i am not lying. The last thing i will say is it was my sisters 14th birthdy and she had a sleepover. She told her friends about this whole thing. They didn't take it the wrong way. So what we did was we wrote the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper and then cut them into little squares. We placed them face down in my sisters room ( that was where EVERYTHING happened "ghost" wise there ) and then left the room. We made sure everyone in the house was in the one room and the window was shut in her room everything like that. We waited for about half an hour and then went into the room. Some of the pieces of paper were turned around. We took them into the lounge and tried to make them out. What it said basically was something about a Queen. The following days a Queen died or something like that to do with a queen.
Anyone else got anything to do with ghosts and haunted houses?
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As this thread does not belong in Tarot Decks, it will be moved within 24 hours.

Co-Moderator, Tarot Decks
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hello unicorncrazy, you might want to check out my reply in the "ghosts poll". but i too have lived in a "haunted house", and have been a guest in many more. in another thread on this forum, and i have had a brain fart, and can not remember which one (duh), i mentioned that i have had alot of experiences with the paranormal. way too many to list here. most people even those familiar with the paranormal would not believe all the things that i have had happen to me. the one the really "freaked" me out, was the halloween @ 3am, when i went into the abadoned haunted house, (no one had been able to live there for years) no electricty or anything and while encountering several less than friendly spirits, the _______house burned. i barely got out. since then i do not invite such circumstances, but they still find me. i know this sounds made up, as do most of the things i could tell, but it is true.
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psychic sue 

Check out my reply on the ghosts poll too.

I think most older houses have spirits in them. You just get used to them. They don't scare me anymore anyway!
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