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Tarot of Prague Cafe Club - The sun

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An strange animal
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An strange animal

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Tarot of Prague Cafe Club - The sun

We see a character very sure of himself. He wear a red coat with golden embroideries. He wear blue pants and yellow socks. He is standing on a white horse. The horse seems to be jumping. The character and the horse are in a garden very well planned.

It is about self assurance, dynamism, splendor, riches beyond wildest dream, all is clear, being the center of attention and the use of reason (because of the well planned garden)
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Put this card right next to the Moon and you can see the complete contrast of darkness and light quite vividly. The Moon has an eerie feel to her - intrigue, mystery and deception. Whilst in the Sun, what is hidden is revealed with clarity and understanding. What you see is what you get. Problems will be overcome. All will become clear and make sense.

Sunlight fills the card and shows up the well-tended gardens. The tree strikes me as being in its prime. Its healthy and thriving. Photosynthesis - a clever process. It uses the energy provided by the sun to drive the chemistry behind its growth. So good health and vitality, are well represented in this card. That said, he is squinting so I reckon he needs to put his Ray-Bans on or he will burn his eyes .

The horse has movement and its colour is that of innocence and truth.

Its a wonderful card which speaks of success, enthusiasm and positivity.
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Bean Feasa 

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I always thought the man on the horse was Mozart - didn't he have a close connection with Prague? He's my picture of Mozart anyway - and I like this intuition because it gives an extra dimension to the 'normal' meaning of the Sun card. I see it as the sun shining on the artistic side of your life - creativity radiating brightly through every aspect of life. It's a very uplifting, upward-looking card, makes me think of the good things people can achieve, the flowering. His balance on the horse is very assured - seems to imply getting to the peak of life, the height of your powers. I love the way the card reverberates with vital 'garden' colours, red and green. I like also the intense decorative sense, the intricate gold embroidery on his coat, the delicate lines of the sundial, the balanced formality of the garden.
Is there a little echo of Justice here? - she was doing a balancing act too, though on an elephant.
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Originally Posted by Bean Feasa
I always thought the man on the horse was Mozart - didn't he have a close connection with Prague? He's my picture of Mozart anyway - and I like this intuition because it gives an extra dimension to the 'normal' meaning of the Sun card.
Oh, you know I'd never seen that! In fact, he does look rather like Mozart - and yes, Mozart had a very close relationship with Prague - still does in a way (the film Amadeus was filmed here, which I think has fixed many people's imagery of Mozart's surroundings as looking like Prague - if you ever see the film you'll in fact see tiny glimpses of several elements in the cards).

The face of the sun was taken from a house in one of my favourite streets in Prague - in fact, the house I was standing in front of when I first decided to come and live here. The house is called "The House of the Sun and the Moon" and has both figures on it. However, although we tried to use the corresponding moon from this house it didn't work, and the face of our Moon card in fact comes from a nearby statue called "Night" (notice how so many things here have names - something I really like. I love telling people that I live in The House of the Pelican :-) - true!)

I think this was the first card in the deck that we finished - and the addition of the circus horse was mine. He is from the Czech 32-card gaming pack, and I've always loved him. I just liked the idea almost of "running away to join a circus" - the notion of taking risks, feeling bold, stepping out, being playful...

now that I type this I suddenly realise just how closely this card relates, at some subconscious level, to my decision to move here. Hmmmm :-)
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