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Gilded tarot -- the empress


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Gilded tarot -- the empress

There is a woman holding a big female/Venus sign. There are the signs of the zodiac around her. The woman is young and she seems to be a mother. She seems to be caring and that things matter.
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The symbol that she holds, is also a symbol for balance of opposites. She is caring and nurturing. She is capable of sharing feelings and is a great listener. She is a giver and receiver of love. She is capable of providing for her family and building a future for herself and her family. This would be someone who would be able to give excellent advice.
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For me, The Empress is a one of the most important cards in any deck, so I thought I'd let her be my first study card.

I see the Gilded Empress as a card of fertility, whether in the literal child-bearing sense or in the sense of a fertile field or a fertile imagination. She's all about having the tools, support, environment, inner resources, and divine spark that are necessary for creation. The Empress also makes me think of the physical domestic sphere: she's a lady whose household is a rich, exuberant Empire over which she indulgently presides.

Does someone more familiar with astrology know which signs are hidden behind her body, and whether that's meaningful?
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I do not know the astrology symbols that are that is not my study at this time...however, the companion book does say:

"Circled by astrological symbols representing the possibilities of life"
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Rhiannon SW 

I don't know if the symbols that are not in clear veiw mean anything. I believe the zodiac is portrayed as normal and just encircles the empress.
The zodiacal signs are not set up like a normal chart but they are in order in a clockwise motion.
The book says she wears a blue cloak but my card appears to have a green cloak. I woud associate the cloak with green myself because I see The Empress as fertility and growing things.
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The astrological symbols that are 'concealed' begin with Leo in partial hidden in the left corner of the card. The symbol for Cancer (the sideways 69) is the last sign on the left that is fully visable. This could be significant in that Cancer is often seen as a 'motherly' and nurturing sign. So Leo and Virgo fade out on the left, completely obscured is Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius and coming back into view on the right is Capricorn. Which in astrological terms in opposition to Cancer. Which could imply the balance of nature??? But I'm guessing here.

It would be interesting to discover if there was an intent in the placement of the zodiac 'wheel' or if it was just for aesthetic purposes.

I think that it is interesting that 'the empress' is inside the wheel, which could be seen to emphasis the creation aspect of the card as all of us or born under a particular sign of the zodiac.

Overall, with this card I feel that the circles are important. representing the circles of life. I also like the way the Empress looks down on the Venus symbol with what appears to me to be a look of satisfaction. I believe that the planet in the background would be Venus (the green planet) and it is interesting that her cloak is green also.

(NB: These are just initial thoughts as I am studying the minors at present!)
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Enchanted...Thank you for your insight! You gave me some things to think about!
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Mystic Leo 

Another beautiful card..the empress.

The circle and the downward pointing cross is the sign for Venus (the planet) and the element is I feel its the earth in the background we can see in this card. Venus stands for relationships. The empress is card no.111
the number 3 stands for growth.
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I got a lot out of comparing this card to the Emperor. Some thoughts..

While our Empress stands within the circle of the zodiac, the Emperor stands in front of it. He seems to be presiding more than synthesizing.

The Empress stands in a field of symbols, holding one herself, which she is contemplating. The Emperor stands in front of the zodiac as represented by pictures of it's ascribed animals/signs. He looks towards his miscrocosm of spinning planets on his sceptre as something he wields and owns.

I wondered if others had thoughts particularly about this signs/pictures difference in the two cards. Is he a more literal person?
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The Empress

Between reading the companion book and my own thoughts here's what I've come up with. All the colors of the elements are represented here, Gold of her dress for the love and emotions of water, Blue, Air, the sky behind her. Her red hair and belt, warmth, fire and fertility, Green cloak for the Earthly element and our physical aspect of being. She lovingly holds and looks at her venus symbol. She manifests (creates)life thru the birthing process, indicated by the zodiac and venus symbol (fertility). The circles of zodiac and venus are round indicating that the cycles of life go on forever. The Empress represents, Growth, Fertility and Prosperity, indicated by the colors in the card. Her red belt means, fertitlity and menustration. She is the perfect example of the desired woman but loving and nurturing as well. The Empress is not symbolic of someone in our lives, the court cards do that.. She brings matters to fruition and rewards hard work. She also represents, Pregnancy and Motherhood.
I love this card, I feel she looks favorably upon situations and matters of importance. She also says it's okay to be who you are, the woman you are. I'm still new to the tarot, waiting for my intuition to kick in.. Vickey
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