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Gilded Tarot SG - Ace of Cups

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Gilded Tarot SG - Ace of Cups

There is a large ornate cup floating on what appears to be golden water, a sky which makes me think of just after sunset, six moons in various phases, an single blue eye from which three "power streams" emit.

The first thing that came to mind with this card was the "eye of the beholder". If you take the Ace to represent the beginning of emotions or a romance then this appears to make sense. Especially when you take into account the phases of the moon. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then the 'light' cast by the various phases of the moon would cast a different light on what people see. I also thought of "eyes as the window to the soul" or in this case "eye". I feel that this cards image really reinforces the idea of emotions and feelings that are beyond anything material or physical they are soulful and spiritual.

I have some questions also: Does anyone else wonder...???

Is that the Magician's eye? (I can't decide if his eyes are green or blue, LOL that just made me have a Ewan McGregor flash to "Moulin Rouge"....when he sings "Your Song"..."So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do. You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue. Anyway the thing is , what I really mean. Yours are the sweetest eyes I've even seen") sigh! I digress...

Is there a significance to there being six moons? Is it a tie to Major Arcana VI , The Lovers?

What do the "power streams" (sorry, for want of a better set of words that is all I could come up with) represent?
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Originally Posted by Enchanted
What do the "power streams" (sorry, for want of a better set of words that is all I could come up with) represent?
For me, it would mean a invisible link. Sometimes, we click easily with some people and other times, it is not as easy as it seems.

I like the idea of the various moon phases. There is some calendars that are moon based.

The cup stand on the water, without any difficulty. It seems to be light enough to be carried by the current of the waters
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Ace of Cups

I really liked Barbara Moore's description of this cup sitting on the sea (of emotions) and also the six faces of the moon where she says " just as the moon remains the same but appears differently depending on the focus of the sun." and applys that to our emotions, in that the way we respond to them is really a choice that we make, the eye on this card then represents the different ways we look at our emotions, hence the three streams of light coming down on to the sea (of emotions). This whole card is about expressing emotions and acknowledging them, they should be embraced rather than denied.

All in all a very nice card, the Ace being the raw energy of the suit and with it, it brings the possibilities of new beginnings and opportunities.
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This is one of my favorite cards in this deck. It just reeks of divine energy, the emotional and spiritual and being completely receptive...I just love it.

I get a nice feeling whenever I get this card.
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Ace of Cups

I know this is an old thread but I like to read the old threads to see what others have come up with about the cards. Plus it helps me when I write down what I think about a card. So here goes. An ornate golden cup, something that is prized and worth something to the one that beholds/covets it. The eye with beams of white/golden light looking down upon it with favor. But some of the beams are just hitting the water/emotion so is this just emotion for emotions sake or does this cup this prize really mean something to the enquirer. Water restless and more golden in the forground and calmer and not quite as golden as it is futher from the starting point. Moons of different phases make me wonder if this feeling what ever it may be will last though the passage of the time. The sky brighter closer to the calm water/emotions, fading into dark purple/black filled with stars, again will this feeling stay bright and golden after the waters calm or will it fade into the void of time to be rememberd as a bright shining star of what once was or what could have been. This is a card of beginning emotions for something that looks good right now. But will it last? Does it even need to last,do you want it to last? Who knows! The orange gems on the cards border make the think that the one having this emotion may already be thinking of ways to put it into action.
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