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King of Cups

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King of Cups

How do you read this card esp in Waite deck? I'm using some basic descriptions but was just wondering about more input

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When I'm interpreting the court cards I use the elements.
Like this:

Swords - air
Wands - fire
Cups - Water
Pentacles - Earth

Court card family members
Pages - Air (beginnings)
Knights - Fire (action, change)
Queens - Water (emotions, understanding)
Kings - Earth (manifesting, making something real)


The King of Cups is Earth of Water.
He uses his emotions in a practical way in the real world. He may be a counsellor, a healer, someone who can control his emotions rather than letting his emotions control him.
He bases his decisions on his emotions and on his intuition.
He considers the needs of others as well as his own.
I think that sometimes he finds that his role of leader clashes with his caring approach.

That's how I see him


Sulis xx
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kinda like a scorpio...

Although I agree with croley and all those writers who adopted his astrological influences on most of the minors, on the court cards I go anouther direction: queens are cardinal (the true initiators) and kings are fixed. Knights are mutable and pages draw energy, like aces, from fire, earth air and water. here's my take on the ruler of a realm of emotions:

Offering personification of extremes, The King of Cups presents his fiery masculine image within a watery feminine realm. An embodiment of contradiction, this king resembles water. He is placid on the surface, yet turbulent beneath his facade. Under the serene exterior, this king conceals ulterior motives. In a spread, this card represents other people or an aspect of your personality emerging. Often artistic and religious, the King of Cups might indicate a therapist or doctor in a reading. Advising you not to take anyone the king represents at face value, this conflicted king provides wise guidance. As a counselor, he respects the beliefs of others and listens to opinions, which conflict with personal views. Never critical of people, The King of Cups accepts the role of a fair-minded, understanding advocate. In response to his supportive nature, people attentively listen to the words of wisdom the king offers.

Rarely lacking confidence, the King of Cups efficiently conceals character flaws. A hidden agenda lurking within his speeches imparts a certain power over others. With piercing eyes and a subtle intensity he is a stimulating partner, in conversation, friendship or a sexual relationship. Projecting innocence, he is usually experienced in matters of the heart. A seducer, who thrives on companionship with the opposite sex, the King of Cups can be selfish and unfaithful. His character may not be as strong as it appears at first glance but from experience, he realizes jealousy, unfaithfulness and control harm any romance. The King of Cups combines fiery passion with lucid feelings, which represents a volatile mixture. Inner conflict emerges as a direct result of the battle between the pounding surf of his soul and the undertow in his heart. Conflicting elements pull him in opposite directions and he rarely knows which to follow. With his dynamically opposed personality traits, he can be insecure and indecisive but no one will notice, since he projects total confidence.

The King of Cups derives energies from the Water Sign of Scorpio in astrology. Idealism is perhaps the most redeeming trait of anyone this king characterizes. Intensity is synonymous with Scorpio, a sign not likely to use halfway measures. Like the sign, this king is extremely agile in sidestepping obstacles, while figuring out several new ways to achieve a goal. Although this card often shows a mature man, it easily signifies an older woman, because it is a card with Scorpio energies, which are of a feminine nature. Scorpio is a Fixed sign and these signs comprise the finishers of a project: Although not innovative, forceful Scorpio will complete most endeavors in life. A person this card indicates will command most conversations, often using a dry sense of humor as a scepter and a philosophical turn of mind as a crown. As an individual, the King of Cups tends to dominate anyone who allows it although his influence might be subtle. This king usually maintains some degree of control in most romantic relationships. Strength, determination and willpower represent driving forces for those the King of Cups personifies in a reading.

Appearance of this king often implies that tolerance will solve romantic problems. Use diplomacy not force and accept conflicting points of view. Avoid blaming others for failures and help them succeed. If the King of Cups signifies an element of your personality, make certain he is not emerging in a negative form. A moderation theme within this suit, involving intuition and emotion, is crucial if the king appears in your reading. Symbolically, a turbulent sea of emotions surrounds the throne of this king. The river flowing to contentment winding through his realm empties into this ocean of psychic force and shifting feelings. Although several meanings this king implies involve intuition, keep in mind love is also in his realm. If you venture into the choppy surf of romance, pounding emotions might overwhelm you. If you drift into unfathomable intuition, you may drown. Remain emotionally centered and be safe. Evoke what Shakespeare imparts: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”
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thanks for the great info wandking -- your info/description wasa bit different but far more in-depth than any i've read --

and thank you sulis -- you provided other points i'd not seen
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mike gorth 

I have seen what sulis posted in my book except a couple of things are turned around but it's all in the eye of the beholder. I like sulis' interpretations better. I just don't see how air is beginnings. I would think of it in a pure form so yeah I guess I could see it as beginnings.
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Hi Mike,

I think of myself as a witch so air as beginnings is quite logical to me.

With the correspondences that I use air relates to the direction of East - the direction of the rising sun. It also corresponds to the season of Spring.
Air and swords in tarot also correspond to the mind and thoughts - everything begins with a thought form - hence beginnings.


Sulis xx
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the hidden tsunamis ?

I am with you all here and is a very important teorical information, but what in the reading experiences? In my case this king ever refers specialy to a person that is observing things are going bad but he waits that get better, but if not in that case suddenly he explotes literally!!! and my be so angry!!!
I ever say to my clients: please, say what you think to your enviroment, say that you do not agree whit this behaviour, or the things can turn to the worst and you'll be so frustrating to the end!!! For me this King is a "Pre-Tower" being, take care of the "tsunamis" under his throne!
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psychic sue 

I agree with Sullis - he is uneasy with his position of power - but I think you have to look at the other cards which surround him. I have seen this card as a weak minded person, and also as a healer/psychic, dependent upon the other cards in the spread and the positions.

Sue x
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The King/Cups

I am really happy to read these posts because this king is totally beyond me. I have read that he is very diplomatic, caring, helpful, loving, to the extent he may be a philanderer, a visionary, and a helper.

Thanks for the insight.

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