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The Thirteenth Moon
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Konraad's Past Life Spread Redux! Throne 4

Throne 4 is IT. Here is where we go into the person's past life and we find out--who was the doctor in their childhood? Who is the Magician who gave them trouble in their career? What in their past life made them know how to escape that bad relationship to find a good one? Why is truth in the career so important to them?

If there are answers, here they are. And here's where the reader has to really rely on instincts, imagination and help from the querent You suggest what you're seeing, but what tells you you're on the right track is if the querent says, "Whoa! That sounds SO familiar!"

That's when you know you've found the right story--the right time, place, etc.

The last Throne is crowned with the Ace of Coins meaning "unlucky"--so this past life didn't go well. And it affected the person's actions and reactions in the present.

My spread is:
*Hermit*Hanged man*

I tend to read the story from right to left. That just feel right to me--but Konraad says read from LEFT to RIGHT. So we do it that way. Now how would you read this. Well, look at that Wheel of Fortune. Our story start with a change in fortune for our Querent. Followed by The Sun. So, this past life started out good. They were born lucky, happy, in a warm, sunny, green place.

Judgement: Hmmm. Then came a time of great change. Maybe there was a lot of death. Maybe a village completely wiped out. Judgement can be read as "Fire" or Pluto, an eruption up from the Earth. It's not a bad card, mind you, but as I don't do reversals, and I know that "Ace of Coins" means "unlucky," I begin to feel that this Judgement didn't work out. It was a change not for the worse, but certainly radical and harsh.

Temperance: Our querent sought to balance out their lives, to change themselves, their personality and so find peace with what had happened.

Emperor/Empress: The querent married--here's a tricky part, however. Was our querent male or female in this past life? Either way, they married someone in authority, gaining their own by the marriage, and were able to feel a measure of control.

Hermit/Hanged man: However, they also felt isolatated in this marriage. They never found again their tribe, never felt a part of their new life.

Okay. Now, of course, there's more to this. You need to decide when this was--way back in antiquity? The last century? And where? Among tribes of the Amazon or European nobility?

And how does this reflect what happened to them in childhood? In career? In Love?

Well, they've certainly dealt with death an nightmares and big changes before. So this might be how they kept their sanity and were able to go through all that harsh recovery as a child. Maybe the Emperor they married in the past life was the Doctor in this life? Someone who, once again, gave them a measure of control and safety amid the chaos?

Their choice to be a "High Priestess" in career very much reflects their feelings of isolation and meditation (Hermit/Hanged man) from the past life--their ability to see the truth that others can't.

And their strength from the past life is clear in their love life. They know all abut leaving a sad or bad or tragic situation behind, traveling and searching for a new life and meaning. About making choices and having inner strenght and balance.

Do you begin to see how this works?

Okay. Questions? Comments?

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