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The Thirteenth Moon
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Konraad's Past Life Spread Redux! Throne 1

So here's the big question: How do you read this spread? Well, let's look at it again and talk:

*******ACE*******(Throne 2)

***ACE*** - ****ACE*** (Throne 1 & 3)
15*11*2*1* - *13*7*6*5*
*******19 - ********17

*******ACE***********(Throne 4)

Ideally, by the way, you lay out the suffled 4 aces face down, then lay out the shuffled majors face up. And THEN turn over the aces, one by one as you go over the Thrones and their meaning.

You start with Throne 1: childhood/destiny.

So let's say you turn over that ace and you get "Ace of Swords"--this indicates that the cards below are about a time in the querent's childhood where they were suffering from poor health. Maybe they were in the hospital for something.

Now I've laid out my cards on a very small table here and for Throne 1 here's what I got:

***********Ace of Swords**************
*Justice*The Moon*The Fool*The Hierophant*

So I read the Ace first = A childhood of sickness.
Now I look at the card below, the stand-out card, the one seperate from the other four. It's Death.

Pretty clear, no? Yeah, someone was sick or badly injured, bad enough that they almost died. Who? Parent or child? Check above and you see The Fool. The Fool, patron of pages, can be read here as a child. A happy, innocent one. So this is probably about the querent's illness. If, instead of the Fool, we'd had The Empress, it would have been the mother's illness, yes?

So, this was a time in the querent's life when he was really in trouble. What happened? The Hierophant. I'd read that as a doctor. A strict, by the book doctor, but a good one. The Moon--a very scary time, the treatment involved a lot of drugs maybe. Hallucinations, no control over the body. Scary stuff. Judgement: Our guy survived, not unscared, maybe still has to watch his/her heath, but he lived and was restored.

Do you begin to get the idea? Questions or problems on this throne?
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