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Konraad's past life spread Redux!

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Konraad's past life spread Redux!

And Konraad's name is spelled right only on this post. Sorry! Here's the original post on this spread re-posted:

Konraad's Classic Tarot Spreads gives a past life spread. You use all the majors. It's a little complex, but I'll try to lay it out. Use a BIG table, you need a lot of room for this one.

The idea is that we many past lives. And what we did in each one can affect aspects of our present life. Make it work or not work. This spread tells the querent which aspects of their current life (or childhood) were affected by a particular past life. And it lays out that past life.

Here's what you do: First, you seperate out the 4 aces. Then seperate out the majors. The lay-out of the cards will be as follows: 4 groupings of cards, each one called a "Throne," standing for some aspect of the querent's present (and past) life, and each crowned with an Ace. The Ace indicates the feel of that aspect of the person's life.

*******ACE*******(Throne 2)

***ACE*** - ****ACE*** (Throne 1 & 3)
15*11*2*1* - *13*7*6*5*
*******19 - ********17

*******ACE***********(Throne 4)

You have the querent suffle the aces, then set them down as shown. They "Crown" the 4 thrones. So, Ace #1 (which will crown Throne 1) is set down to the left, then ace #2 is up top, then lay down ace #3 to the right, and #4, the final ace, below.

The Aces 1-3 (and their Thrones) refer to present life. The question is, what aspect of the person's present life is this past life going to explain? So, if this was a time in the person's early childhood where they were always home sick, the past life will explain that. Similarly, it'll explain why their career is frustrating, and why their current love relationships are filled with quarrels. The Ace hints at the parts of the person's present situation that the events of the past life are responsible for.

The meaning of the aces changes depending on the Throne.

Throne #1 = Early childhood/destiny
Ace of coins = Strength and vitality
Wands = Work and responsibilty
Cups = Love of pleasure
Swords = Poor Health

2 = Career
Coins = Faovrable
Wands = power
Cups = insufficent effort
Swords = frustrations

3 = Love & Marriage
Coins = Powerful
Wands = conflicts
Cups = Joy
Swords = Quarrels

4 = Past Life
Coins = Unhappy
Wands = Struggles
Cups = Beauty
Swords = Great power

__________________________________________________ ________________

Konraad's Past Life Spread Redux! Throne 1
Konraad's past life spread redux! Throne 2
Konraad's past life spread redux! Throne 3
Konraad's Past Life Spread Redux! Throne 4
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you're an angel. thank you :} i'll take a look and see what we can do with them later this week.
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Very, very cool. I will have to work with it for awhile to ‘get’ it.

Then, I will have intelligent questions…

…now where did I put my deck…
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take a look in the studyforum, section "general" diana bumped all the past life spread posts, you will find some examples of people that did them as well.....

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Oh great Thirteen! Thank you so much. *added to my collection*

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This is a very cool spread! I did it for myself and for a friend and we both loved it!
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