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Revelations Tarot - The Fool

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Revelations Tarot - The Fool

From the website and book:

He is a free spirit without worry, full of optimism while embarking on a new journey. He sees the world with fresh new eyes and which are unconventional and lateral in thought.

He is cautious before he leaps for he worries about the risks involved. He ponders his movements and takes things slowly.

The butterfly represents the chasing of the childlike dream.
The baby in the rose demarks the innocence of the beginning of a journey.
The mountains in the background are symbols of the height of knowledge the fool has yet to climb to.

The moon represents the subconscious, which is linked to intuition and the unknown.
The float/flying people in the background represent caution throwing in/by the wind, loss of control and uncertainty.
The canyon like background represents the erosion of the mind through the wearing of time and doubt.
So what does everyone think of Zach Wong's interpretation of the Fool? How about the Reversed?
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He is cautious before he leaps for he worries about the risks involved. He ponders his movements and takes things slowly."

I like this interpretation--however, I see the reversed Fool as embodying painful Naiveté and--of course--foolishness. Not the kind that is innocent or cute, but the kind that is dangerous and possible self-depricating. Or it could represent the movement towards enlightenment (i.e. the Magician).
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Oh nearly missed the first card of the group

I really like this fool, for me it really embodies the ideas of the inner child, the innocence and playful like nature of the fool. The one that doesnt know what the 'correct' way is and so goes all over the place, not fearing anything as he explores the world and its many wonders.
The reverse to me shows what can happen to us as we get older. I feel here that many adults can feel this way when starting to learn tarot. We are brought up in an age where we are supposed to believe in science and reason, that randomly selecting cards doesnt improve our lives etc. The reversed fool looks backward, looks at what others think, rather than looking forward and enjoying the view. We have to get into the right frame of mind, throw caution to the wind and open ourselves to all the experiences this path or phase can give us.

I love the little butterfly, the innocence and wonderful transformating nature they have is something we should respect and empower ourselves to be.
The fool is a card I had great difficulty with, because I dont jump into things without lots of thought and reason, looking at what others have thought and think of me. Like the fool, I can simply be and be inspired be all around me and not care or even consider what other people think of my life and my choices.
The floating people look like the peoplechains we would make at school, and they seemed so complex and complicated for me to do. I thought about how they are made and could never work it out. One day i simply just did it! if you think about it too much you just fall, if you simply do it you fly

Just a few ramblings,
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I'm coming in late to this study group--but glad I found it as I just got this deck.

Funny thing about the Fool--while I appreciate the book's interpetion (I always glean new insights and interpetions from such books), my first thought was to read the reversed Fool as one who'd fallen over the cliff and was on his way down

I think I'd still hold to this. It's the one of two things missing from the upright Fool--the dog and the cliff. I rather like the idea that the cliff is still there in the reversal.
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I can see the fool reversed as well as falling off the cliff, or at least that he is afraid to do so. There's a person in the background falling, and I almost feel like he has seen there, and so is afraid to take a risk lest the same thing happen to him. The colors and the background as well I think create a visual of just somewhere you don't want to be, which could come as a result of acting in a foolish or naive way.

As for the right up fool, I like how care free he seems to be as he leaps after the butterfly, but there's something in his face that bugs me, when you look closely, he just doesn't seem to me as carefree as maybe he should be.

Just some thoughts
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