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The Hero's Journey Spread

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The Hero's Journey Spread

This spread is one I use quite often, having developed it from the classic storytelling concept of The Hero's Journey. In some ways this spread is is based on the teachings of Joseph Campbell which says that a hero's journey involves a few specific steps: the call and a quest (the first three cards or the left side of the spread), leading to a Gateway that is specific to the journey or voyage and, therefore, the hero and must be undertaken. In going through that gateway, the person has certain obstacles to overcome or receives what can appear to be almost magical support. All of this leads to a resolution and to the Hero's return. The return is marked by having gotten a prize or learning a lesson.

Here's the spread:


1 Recent Past
2 Present
3 Hopes or Fears (The Calling)
4 The Gate
5 Obstacles or Support
6 Which leads to
7 The Return (Prize gotten or Lesson learned)

A complete example of the spread and a reading can be found at and I think you'll see how it moves in a practical way.

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I really enjoyed doing this spread, I have posted it.

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A variation of the spread

Hello Dr Mojo,

I reeeeealy liked your idea, creating a spread after Campbell's teachings, that's just awesome.
But when trying it out, I felt like making some changes, just to get more accurate information and it turned out it was very helpful for me, hopefully for others too.
I look foreword to find out what do you think about it
Here it is:


1= The Calling
2= Present Self (where are you now compared to your Journey)
3= The Test (the effort needed in order to proceed on the right path)
4= The Gate (what triggers personal evolution further on)
5= Obstacle / Support
6= The Garden (the promise of The Gate, the "fruit" of the journey)
7= The Return (the knowledge gained, the lesson learned and the key to apply it)
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