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Empress and Queen of wands, need opinion

I did a reading today and in the position position of of 2 upcomming events that influence the outcome the cards were first The Queen of wands and second the empress, and the outcome was the queen of swords reversed, any ideas on how to read this 2 cards as an event, i use the RWS and this 2 cards seem to have about the same colors, do anybody notice any similarity with this 2 cards? i did another reading earlier today, a CC anin the cover position was the queen of wands and in the cross the empress. any opinion would be appreciated.

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Hi Tara Deck, interesting question. My first thought is very general, just that the Queen of Wands is usually a generative person, someone who creates and makes things. In that regard, the Empress is very similar. They both speak of fertility, gestation, inspiration. The Queen could represent a specific person, someone normally creative, and the Empress could simply reinforce this, show that she is going to be even more creative and productive than usual.

But in order to give you more specific thoughts, it would help to know a few more things. What were the other cards in the spreads? Were both spreads for the same person? What were the questions in the seeker's mind for each spread? The Queen doesn't have to be a person, she could be an obstacle or a shadow-self, but it's hard to tell without knowing more...

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The Thirteenth Moon
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The hostess with the most-ess...

Originally Posted by Tara Deck
I did a reading today and in the position position of of 2 upcomming events that influence the outcome the cards were first The Queen of wands and second the empress
So these are two events that will influence the outcome. Hm. The big difference between these two is that Queen/Wands is fire (also minor arcana) and Empress is Earth (and major). Which suggests that though the Queen/Wands event might blaze brighter--it will be less important to the outcome than that of the Empress. One way to interpet these as "events" is to think of the two as hosting the event: Queen/Wands suggests movement, energy, hot temper, impatience, drama. Empress is motherly; she is patient, creative, loving, a fertile, nurturing soil for long-term and abundant growth--but can also smother and be stubborn, as unmoving as rock.

So, Queen/Wands is more likely to host a party or a night at the opera or a political rally or some big church event (Wands is about the spiritual/philosophical side as well)--grand, filled with color and energy and probably drama. The Queen/Wands is the center of attention here, with all the fireworks going on around her. The event will probably be at night...and all night, too. It might be a bar-b-que or an elegant, cocktail party. Perhaps a birthday party with a huge cake blazing with candles.

With the Empress as hostess, the event is more likely to be a gathering of her and her children--or those she patrons. Think of Empresses who held salons patronizing artists and writers and musicians. She is the one helping them to succeed, giving them a place to be creative, encouraging them, nurturing them. Her pace is slow and gradual, peaceful and beautiful. The surroundings lovely, natural, serene. The event will probably be during the day, in the warm summer sunlight that helps fruit and grain grow. It will probably be out-of-doors.

Cover card in the CC is usually the current atmosphere of the situation, cross is conflict or blocking. I would *think* that the Queen/Wands is more likely to be a current atmosphere where you're being encouraged to "Go for it! Do it now! Seize the day!"--while the Empress' is more likely to be something like lunch with your Mom (or mom-figure) who tells you, "Why do it now, dear? Wait. Have patience." Mom has more influence--but it "crosses" and blocks that current "go-for-it!" energy.

The outcome, if not a person, is a shutting down of mental energy. Queen of Swords has a very sharp, far-seeing mind. Reversed and that sharpness is dulled, blunt, not cutting. Silence instead of words, lack of communication. Remember, reversal is a blockage of card energy. And the energy of the Queen/Swords is an accute intellect and a razor-sharp tongue.

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queen of swords reversed

Queen of swords reversed? Ooooo, watch out for a woman who has cutting words to say, someone who doesn't hold back on an opinion! Might also be someone who's jealous of you or someone else. Queen of wands makes me think there's something creative about these events, like a music concert.

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