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Increasing chances with a love interest spread

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rcb30872  rcb30872 is offline
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Increasing chances with a love interest spread


Another spread that I had come up with:


1: Person A (you, or the Querent)
2: Person B (the person that is of interest)
3: How does Person B see Person A?
4: How does Person B think about Person A?
5: How does Person B feel about Person A?
6: What is Person As chances, currently?
7: What can Person A do to increase Person As chances with Person B?
8: Outcome/advice

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autumn star  autumn star is offline
Join Date: 19 Apr 2005
Location: NZ
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autumn star 

autumn star's Avatar

I really like this spread ~I can imagine it will be very useful to clarify the potential of a relationship - I will have to try it out. Thanks for posting it
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HedgeWych's Avatar
HedgeWych  HedgeWych is offline
Join Date: 17 Jun 2005
Location: Washington State, USA
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Very nice!

Thank you for posting it!

***scribbles it down****
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Vilyariel  Vilyariel is offline
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hey, great spread! i'll definately have to try this one soon
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Whitestar  Whitestar is offline
Join Date: 09 Jun 2005
Location: New England, USA
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Thanks for sharing. I'm getting a lot of nice new spreads in my journal!
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Librarycat  Librarycat is offline
Join Date: 24 Aug 2005
Location: New York, USA
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Me, too!

I tried this one out last night and got some really insightful results.

Thanks for sharing!
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redfairy  redfairy is offline
Join Date: 29 Aug 2005
Location: at the top of the world
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good spread

hi .. thats a great spread. i suppose it will help answer a lot of questions for lots ofpeople!!! hugz red
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BLFO  BLFO is offline
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This came in the nick of time for me. Thanks. I am going to do it tonight and post it later.
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earth mama  earth mama is offline
Join Date: 29 Aug 2005
Location: Qld, Australia
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earth mama 

This is a great spread. I just tried it for a friend and it worked really well. Thanks.
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cherries  cherries is offline
Join Date: 09 Nov 2006
Location: UK
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this really is excellent. for 'What is Person As chances, currently?' i got the three of swords. couldn't be clearer. it's the third time i've had the card today, too. really great. thank you.
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