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Page of swords

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rupadupa  rupadupa is offline
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Page of swords

The Page of swords card comes when ever I do a reading for my friend..espeically for a relationship reading.. someone who speaks his/her mind..a frankish kind of a person..It sort of explains my frd..Strangely, the guy she is interested in, is older to her and he sort of her thinks her as a, could it refer to his perception?
Or is there more to it?
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A page has very little maturity compared to the other court cards in the suit's characteristics. Perhaps, and this is reflected in the image of the older person that she is a child, she is frank to point of being... shall we say, childish? I am a very frank person but there is a balance between saying what needs to be said and holding your peace! I think maturity is the defining characteristic that separates two seemingly similar people of this nature.

Perhaps your friend needs to examine how she is communicating with this person and go a different route... the one thing that comes to mind is -- open up emotionally, and stop intellectualizing everything! A sword can be a painful thing to approach in matters of love....
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In Druidcraft, the page is actually a Princess and is Spring. So I don't see a lot of the other things that tend to go with the Page of Swords... but she is on the verge of change. That transistion from young lady to woman and to me is about fresh ideas, fresh innovative, inventive ways of approaching a problem. I think in one sense they avoid direct contact with the sword... so might even try to avoid direct approaches or complete honesty.

Your freind might be an Air sign, with a birthday in the Spring or has a youthful way of percieving things.
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galvornman  galvornman is offline
Join Date: 05 Oct 2005
Location: Texas, United States
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A child with a sword is mischievous perhaps...and dangerous.

Consider that your friend's bluntness is her sword, but in the matter of her relationship she is like a child with a weapon. She cannot understand what is desired of her or what she should do. Is it not true that when young people deal with the older they use every tool at their disposal to prove their strength? The page does not tell me whether she will be successful in the relationship or not, only that conflict of understanding is likely.

This could perhaps be encouragement to learn how to be in a relationship or a warning against the inevitable conflict ahead.

That's what I see.

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tarobones  tarobones is offline
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Pages and Aces

I have learned that the Page is a messenger, and the message is "manifest the Ace" in your life. This comes from The qualities of the Ace of Swords are "mental force, truth, justice, fortitude" and the Page is a message to "use your mind, be truthful, be just, have fortitude." I like this way of relating Pages and their messages to the Aces (root power) of the suit in question. In this situation, the reader must decide: Who is this message for? BB, Michael
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I'd probably read it as his perception of her, look for cards that tell how he feels about her, to see if he considers those qualities positive or negative, attractive or not. Maybe it's her significator if it comes up a lot. The swords courts get a bad rap a lot but they have positive things to offer too, this page can be like a breath of much-needed fresh air as much as she can be a troublemaker.
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