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Bias Poll--what sign do you have a real problem with?

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View Poll Results: What sign do you "dislike"
Aries--I hate that little ram 45 13.93%
Taurus--That dumb bull runs over everything... 38 11.76%
Gemini--Just won't stay on one subject! 45 13.93%
Cancer--Stop crying!! You're issues with mother are normal! 38 11.76%
Leo--They just want ALL the attention... 47 14.55%
Virgo--Critical...mean...anal retentive...eats cereal at night... 53 16.41%
Libra--Talks way too much! But rainwolf loves them for some reason 23 7.12%
Scorpio--They just think they're SOOO deep! 59 18.27%
Sagittarius--Arrogant, much? 24 7.43%
Capricorn--Their purse/wallet is basically a black hole that money falls into 39 12.07%
Aquarius--Just plain odd. 29 8.98%
Pisces--wishy washy wishy washy wishy washy....snap out of it! 45 13.93%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 323. You may not vote on this poll

rainwolf's Avatar
rainwolf  rainwolf is offline
Join Date: 23 Jan 2005
Location: Northern California
Posts: 2,337
Bias Poll--what sign do you have a real problem with?

This is for fun of course.....right....because we don't have ANY biases against at least one sign....

And explain if you must.

So what sign don't you really like or at least have difficulty with?
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MCsea's Avatar
MCsea  MCsea is offline
Join Date: 24 Jan 2005
Location: Australia
Posts: 3,638

I know my problem HAS to have karmic links - too many difficulties with certain star sign - I can pick it a mile away, and the WORST PART is its my MOON SIGN ahhh there is always more to learn

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Grigori's Avatar
Grigori  Grigori is offline
formerly similia
Join Date: 11 Dec 2004
Location: Aussie boy, born and bred
Posts: 7,658

Well we already know I have issues with Cancer types. I'm all in favor of being nice to other people, but sometimes don't you just want to tell them to get of their arse and do it themselves LOL And don't lets talk about being moody...

The thing I'm more worried about is that currently there is a vote for my sun sign, and for my rising sign. So either Rainwolf or MCsea are really irritated by me
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rainwolf's Avatar
rainwolf  rainwolf is offline
Join Date: 23 Jan 2005
Location: Northern California
Posts: 2,337

Don't worry about that...there are 2 othes that voted that didn't post anything.

I chose Taurus and Cancer because I find them a little difficult. I've had bad experiences with the bulls.
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Flavio's Avatar
Flavio  Flavio is offline
Join Date: 20 Apr 2004
Location: Mexico City
Posts: 1,869

Being a Leo I find myself having issues with Aries people very often, not usually but I got issues with most of the Capricorns I've met in my life, specially with job matters.
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light2000's Avatar
light2000  light2000 is offline
Join Date: 09 May 2005
Location: Leiria, Portugal
Posts: 2,501

I voted at aries, i don't dislike they, but i have always issues with them.

They are honest and sincere, i think, but impulsive and a litle self-ish.
I don't know we don't understand each other very well.
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dadsnook2000's Avatar
dadsnook2000  dadsnook2000 is offline
Join Date: 30 Apr 2003
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Posts: 3,474
Sun signs -- blah

I voted against every one of the twelve. Why? Because, other than getting people initially interested in Astrology, the focus on sun signs probably does more damage to the learning process than any other approach. People end up confusing a sign's meaning for the Sun's meaning -- that is quite wrong.

The Sun is an "integrating energy" as it brings out the expression of the other planets when it aspects them. It provides a seasonal marker that affects our cultural conditioning. It bestows energy and vitality through its house, sign and aspectual place in the chart. It reflects its energies through the Moon's position to shape the modulation of our emotions and intensity of our feelings. For Mercury it provides a reference point for perceiving the world and then categorizing and organizing our perceptions and responses. Just as Mercury becomes extenally or internally biased in its thinking and logical processes, the Sun counterpoints Saturn. Saturn, by representing the limits of perception relative to the Sun -- all beyond it is not seen, or is not seen directly through our personal relationships -- what is beyond is the greater social structures that seem to come out of nowhere and touch us for better or worse. Further, Saturn sets up a natural timing mechanism through its cycle of maturing experiences covering 29 years -- counterpointed by the Moon's progressed cycle of 29 years measuring our emotional experiences as they stay tied to our family conditioning or freed from that conditioning.

In all, the Sun is so much more other than its "sign" influence. It is power distributed, light alloted. Spend a year considering just the interrelationships between the Sun, Moon and Saturn and you'll learn about 75% of everything you need to know about astrology.

So, signs are out, the planets and their aspects are in -- in my opinion, of course. Dave
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Dean's Avatar
Dean  Dean is offline
Join Date: 19 Aug 2005
Location: UK
Posts: 937
Smile U.k

I have a Love - Hate relationship with Aquarius people out there.
I alway's seem to have either a good or bad match with them, it could be because my Star-sign is Leo which means Aquarius is my opposites in Astrology.

I have read it's because we clash with our personalities, Leo being some what possessive and Aquarius not happy when being tied down. But saying that now i have great mates who are Aquarius.
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WhiteRaven's Avatar
WhiteRaven  WhiteRaven is offline
Join Date: 12 Oct 2004
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Posts: 5,706

I voted Scorpions and Aries.....the ones that "I" have crossed paths with have been quite revengeful and love to fuel fires.....and the latter, being Aries....are controlling. But, that's been my personal experience....yet, it's with every single Scorpion and Aries I know.....including two daughters that are Scorpion and a mother and ex that are Aries.
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Annabelle's Avatar
Annabelle  Annabelle is offline
Seeking wisdom, peace, and solitude
Join Date: 16 Jan 2005
Location: In the piney woods of East Texas, USA
Posts: 9,751

I voted for Scorpio . . . only because that's my boss's sun sign, and she and I definitely do not get along.
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