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Queen of Swords reversed

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being_chrysalis  being_chrysalis is offline
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Queen of Swords reversed

Anyone think of her (reversed) as actually being indecisive? I kind of see that "great mental acuity" turning in and devouring itself...

another aspect - something not that uncommon in some Queen-of-Swords types - the ability to really get and intuit *other* people - with a great deal of difficulty turning that great insight and intuitiveness inward. One woman talked about it like a 12-inch thick clear plexiglass barrier - where there's all this great piercing insight about OTHER people and THEIR problems/hangups, etc etc... while everyone around this (Q of S) is thinking, "Why can't this person use this sharp insight to see inside themselves??"

Some of that *could* be that rigid thinking - and a lack of openess to important feedback from others...?
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The Q/Swords is a difficult court to tackle because she has such a bad reputation. I see her as not only a logical thinker, but a woman (person) who tries very hard to look at the world (all of its problems, questions, curiousities, etc.) with an intellectual mind--rather than an intuitive and/or emotional mind. She had deep feelings, but tries to supress them for the sake of rational thought. Perhaps she's naturally like this--maybe not.

In a diminished (reversed) position, the Q/Sw's might represent a woman (or person) who has lost her logical/rational/intellectual barrier and has succumb to her emotions--which might be good, but if she's kept them bottled up for a really long time, it might explode and turn out to be really scary.

Just some thoughts,

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in a barrel in the yard
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in a barrel in the yard

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My keyword/archetype is the goddess Minerva. She is related to Themis (the woman who holds the Libran scales) but she is one-sided. Reversed she could mean a complete hyperbole of this idea --a cold, cynical, calculating person --not the femme fatale but the vagina dentata, or even a man (clitoria diabolica). I apologize in advance if this description is too vivid...

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Another take on this could be, the disappointed woman/scorned/widowed woman - no longer, maybe she's getting a man in her life

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sharpchick  sharpchick is offline
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In that context, I think of her as having lost the careful control she's maintained. . . now she has turned into a vengeful shrew, cutting people to ribbons with words. (In the interest of candor, I must admit - I am the Queen of Swords and am well aware of all the negative traits, having subjected a few people over the years to them.)
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Ladybro  Ladybro is offline
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I`ll add. cunning, powerfull and solitary
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Crystelle  Crystelle is offline
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I think Sharpchicks view is very well articulated. I am often accused of being a Queen of Swords in my vengenance mode, whilst resembling the Queen of Wands in my happy times... I think reversed means, the positive attributes turned to a negative purpose.
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Smile U.k

I think the Queen of swords is a card of strengh equal to the Queen of wands, but with the swords her temper is more on a logical approach then the Queen of wands aggressive dominate way.

As a reversed card for the Queen of swords it can mean a very narrow minded person, someone who is out to make life difficult for those around her. She is often judgmental and speaks her mind which often courses offence to the other person. Sometimes she is a lonely woman who as suffered from an unhappy emotional life, maybe a Divorced or Widowed woman.
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