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10 of pentacles

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10 of pentacles

This card is about stability, grounding things, sharing wealth, establishing roots...But how do you see it in relationship readings? Not for a steady couple but for two people who are not a couple and there is some issue you want to look at and then this cards pops up - what does it say? I never know how to interpret. They will feel connected, safe, sharing??

Any thoughts, experiences?

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A lot in this card can also represent an active stale-mate... As in, they're there together, as a couple, but neither of them are recognising each other: Not so much taking each other for granted, but more that they've become "complacent" with each other - You know what I mean...? I think it really depends on the surrounding cards...
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like a pair of old slippers together yes - one of them has to rock the boat a little get some excitment and movement back
just my 2 cents
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I see the 10 of pentacles very differently, it often comes up right behind the 10 of cups in my mind as one of the happiest, most content and peaceful cards in the deck. "Fulfillment" is certainly a strong metamessage in this card.

Specifically, another 10 pents sub-message: Magic is all around you. If you look at the RWS version, the 10 pents make a Kabbalistic Tree of Life symbol, and yet the generations of friends and family who celebrate together in the card don't notice the magic that surrounds them.

Simply put, the 10 of pentacles shows a couple who has a lot of potential to create the kinds of worlds they both want. Pentacles are about slow and steady creation, the energy of the mountain. Moves slow, but with long lasting results. One partner may compliment the other very nicely, and I see romantic undertones in the "dance" like pose of the central RWS male and female couple, who always look to me like they are circling each other... joyfully, like a dance.

I'd take it for a good sign for couples in a relationship reading.
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Do the couple, the kids and the old man with the dogs really communicate with each other?

Each seems to be absorb in his/her own little world.
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Knight of Wands 

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I sometimes see it as being too dependent on your family stability. Relying on them for support and security, instead of going out and taking a risk and making your own life, not just taking over the life they want you to have.

Just a thought, KoW
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Being the pessimist I sometimes admit to being, I realize this is a 10 card--an ending, and then I look around for the Tower to come along blow them up.


But it is the end of a cycle, being a 10 and all...even if it does suggest family stability and legacies, etc.
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When I was here a few years ago, someone wanted to look at it as being about something other than money and daily life, and I immediately thought of the Spiral Tarot's 10 of Pents. Coincidentally, the Scapini is similar. Jeez, and now that I think about it... that dag-burned Shapeshifter too, I think.

In these decks -- for me anyway (must never forget my disclaimers!) -- the card carries the RWS symbolism, but it conveys an additional piece about heritage, your roots, and the "dearly departed" never really being totally gone. So, I have seen it crop up as both a general traddition/culture thing, and as a reminder or soother that those whom you've painfully lost are always with you in some way as long as you remember them and use what they taught you.
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I'm looking at the 10 of Pents from the RWS as I write. It's a multi-generational card. The couple in the middle seem to be looking at each other--or at least the woman is looking at the man. The man holds a staff. The card certainly does indicate family--3 generations of family. Like the 10 of Cups, I do see this as a very positive card; unlike the 10 of cups, this card does not show the nuclear family--the romantic family--gazing at the rainbow as fulfillment. Rather, in thisc ard, there is wealth and stability (family crest on the wall), happiness in terms of family cohesion, loyalty (the dogs), and wisdom--the old man and the ten pentsacles in their arrangement of the Tree of Life. But this is not fiery love or excitement, nor getting things together and exploring, nor the imagination of the 10 of Cups. It's happy because it's settled, certain, reliable. Dull, perhaps, but dullness has its rewards, and the couple does seem to be looking at each other. Note the archway: literally an entrance or gate, and also reminiscent of the rainbow. And notice that everybody is either in the archway or in the foreground side of it. They haven't passed through yet, but there is a passage, because it is a 10. The passage can be a new beginning (but not necessarily indicating wreckage of the situation), the new begining can be a transformation into the next step. The new beginning can also be a loss of the present. There is a tower in the background after all.

As far as your specifc question, hmmmm, maybe it says that you are thinking too far ahead of yourselves, or maybe this is what you want, not necessarily what exists.

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Hello Alissa,
I just found oyur answer about the 10 of prntacles, card upon I have been meditating for the last week because it kept showing up in the readings I was doing for a couple.They have a very unusual situation and I could not figure out the meaning of the kept coming up with the 10 of cups also...and I intuitively felt that it was telling me that this couple would build a wonderful, happy, mature realtionship overtime.That their love is mature and at the same time romantic...they have been through alot in their lifes, and they have met at the end of two very unhappy previous marriages.
They have kind of a telepatic relationship going and they are totally supportive of each other....they are very romantic dullness in this relationship! Lots of joy and shared passion.
So I was sweating over my conclusion....and there I saw your interpreration and I felt it is a confirmation.

The 10 of pentacles also refers to richness of the spirit not only in the material plane.It's not only ablout accumulating wealth...the pentacles also reflect the beauty of spirit, the arts, nobility.
Love and Light
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