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London shops

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Yes, I saw the map, thanks I really would like to give Watkins a try next time I can get into London. Sounds like a really great place!
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I got my Greenwood there

Originally Posted by gregory
When were you last there ? I was there three weeks ago and they had about 6 decks, all on sale - and not multiple copies. They seemed to be going out of them altogether. I went there on someone's recommendation; I was really excited about a new one - and I was so disappointed..... I mentioned this in the thread where it was recommended and others had had the same feeling - including people who'd been there before, which I hadn't. They seem to have moved over into the silly practical jokes and nick nacks market. A shame if they were as good as people said !
Oh, some years ago a very nice friend bought the Greenwood tarot for me there!!! I always cherished the friend and Wonders for that
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i went in there a few weeks ago and a lady was having a reading done in the window
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Lady Orchard 

Mysteries in Covent Garden I would recommend if you fancy a reading. I had an excellent one there about 18 months ago, it was what inspired me to get my own cards in fact.
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Indeed it is - wonderful place - so wonderful that it's on this thread a few times already !!!!
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