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The Empress for a man

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The Empress for a man

Hi guys,

Here's a question for you. I am drawing up the Soul and Personality cards for a male friend and his Soul card is the Empress. How can you explain that to him, I don't want to tell him he's "mothering" or something too feminine. How can you adapt the card to a male? Any ideas for me?

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Lions, Emperor penguins and seahorses all serve as surrogate mothers to their young. Start by comparing him to those.

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Lightbulb Ideas: The Masculine Empress

The Empress could apply to a man who:

- is not afraid to show emotion

- is enormously productive in his work

- has a green thumb, or is meant to work outdoors

- leads by building the confidence of others

- plans well for the future

- always asks, "What will taking this action now create for me tomorrow?"

- is generous with praise

- is focused on personal, physical, and spiritual growth

- is in touch with his body and what his body needs

- relishes sex and loves to lose himself in sexuality

- makes a good athlete

- finishes what he starts

- gives good advice when asked

- is good with his hands

- knows just what to say and how to say it

Hope these help!

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Wow, thanks--we've only been friends a month, but I knew there was a reason I felt so close to him. Such a great guy!

Funny thing is I did a reading not long ago to see what our relationship would be in the future, and got a lot of warmth (the Sun) and two cards called nurturing (I used two decks, so one in each). Nurturing is very much part of the concept of his Soul card (The Empress) too...

Can't wait to hear what others say.

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Wow! Those were great descriptions... my thoughts were that this would be a man committed to creating a home and family, possibly even the construction of a home, a guy who is very supportive and encouraging of others.

This card comes up a lot in readings for my guy and he is very much this way... telling me no matter what I do, he's behind me all the way and actively encourages me to follow my dreams... as well as being a wonderful help around the house. This moment he's doing a quick pick up, sometimes he does the dishes or cooks. He's really involved with the kids and is a real fixer-up-er... which is very Empress, creating a warm, secure environment that is condusive for growth.

He's also very Emperor too... so the Empress balances him out, adding warmth and caring to his need for order and responsibility.
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[Hey, WW, does he have a brother???LOL He sounds great!]

As everyone has said, a "female" card can often come out to show the particular traits of a man signified by that card. Everyone has anima and animus characteristics.
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also...let's say a man is planning a business; he does his due diligence, sets aside the seed capital, works on the legal issues, insurance, explores production options, begins production, perhaps starting in the garage or office in the back room…these are the steps of ‘giving birth’ to a business.

I used to hang with a couple bikers who had Harleys in different stages of repair about the house. You could use the engine blocks as an ottoman if they did not have newspaper plugs in the holes – they were flagrant practicing heterosexuals and very Empress like – they birthed each item of passion – rebuilt Harleys…

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