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The Moon (Gilded Tarot)

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ana luisa 
Question The Moon (Gilded Tarot)

I would like to start a thread on this card. From all the definitions Iīve read, I got the idea that itīs suposed to scare the Querent, to warn him...they talk about secrets, enemies, hidden dangers. Iīm not very convinced. Iīve forced myself to follow this path and well, it didnīt work. To me the Moon is all about dream, aiming high, so much so that I sometimes ask the moon (the real planet)for help and guidance. Is there someone who also "reads" this card in a more positive way? Or is the "Star" the only one who can carry a positive message?
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I am no expert but both "negative" and "positive" are both side of the same coin. Something "positive" for one person can be taken negatively by another person.
Symbols are symbols and if they are talking to you in a certain way, it's good.
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To me the the positive side of the Moon signifies rising intuition, looking for hidden meanings, mysteries, developing your psychic abilities. I love seeing this card from a positive angle.
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I felt the same about this card, i have always been afraid when i pulled this card. Howevery, yesterday, I pulled it in when I asked, "what would be so if I made a certain phone call". My intuition was telling me do it but then I was nervous seeing this card. well, the card meant to follow my intuition. I made the call that I felt intuitively I should make, and although the call could have went badly, it was a very good call, great call actually, where my friend was very happy that i called. She told me she was just thinking about me and was about to call me herself. I was so happy that i listened to myself and not chicken out because I have been putting of this call for a while since we've had a disagreement. so i believed it was telling me to follow my intuition. very positive card to me now.
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Mystic Leo 

This is a beautiful card, mostly in the colour blue typifying the water sign of Pisces.

I think there is both positives and negatives to this card The Moon shows just enough light to show us the way....shows intuition, based on awareness of feelings. Negative .... negative feelings and illusions.
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I feel that this card does inspire us to reach our highest potential, follow our intuition, embrace our natural inclinations. However, the mechanical "thing" ( I don't know what to call these parts) tells me that we should take care to stay grounded and not lose site of our earthly responsibilities. There seem to be things hidden beneath the surface of the water, and these things tell me just to be aware that people or situations may have an underlying agenda. ( It's only a bad thing if you don't notice it because you are too swept away by the beauty of the moon to see it much less do anything to stop it). Overall I think it is an extremely positive card, and I don't recall a time when I felt negative things about it. It does remind us to put up our antennae and pay attn to what's going on around us.
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Wink The Moon

The Moon was always a card that I had trouble with coming to grips with, then one day it just gelled. I love Ciro's illustration of this card and how the moon just floats within the glass orb, it gives a sense of something magical.

The Moon can confuse and bewlider, it can allow our deepest fears to come to the surface but also it has the possibility to inspire us and to illuminate for us our subconscious mind by bringing it to the attention of our counscious mind.

The Moon sitting in the glass orb, in this card creates something mystical, its as though it's there but not quite there, becoming magnified in some way but also illusional at the same time.

The Moon card allows us to glimps those parts of the self that we fear and are not prepared to face and so in the shaddow of this orb they become bigger and even more frightening. It encourages us to face those fears, to pay attention to the messages it sends through dreams and intuition -(remembering the connection of the High Priestess to The Moon) - we can then shed light on those things that frighten us and are misunderstood and they will be 'illuminated' for us.

The Moon can speak to us in ways that we do not always understand and this is the magical mystery of the Moon.

Now that I have come to understand this card I really like it and also it is the tarot card attributed to my astrological sign Pisces
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I was just looking at this card, and I noticed that the canines (dogs? wolves?)that are howling at the moon are actually standing ON the water.

Does this signify that the water has turned to ice and that is somehow suggesting that our emotions are frozen?

And what is that golden mechanical unit? Does it represent a clock, indicating (maybe) the sense of a lunar month or passage of linear time? On it, I see a sun, a moon and a third, smaller projection--maybe a star? At first, I thought it was the Earth, but it appears to have a glow of it's own.

This is such an intriguing card. The fact that the face-in-the-moon is encapsulated in a sphere that looks like one of those globes we had in school makes me wonder what the artist had in mind there, too. Or is that a crystal ball?

I really need to look at this card more closely.
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ana luisa 

I like to see this card also as an indicator of womenīs cycles. I also associate it with constant and perpetual changes related to the sun (day/night) and to the moon (4 phases). change of heart and/or mind also applies.I once read it as a personality trait for a moody person. Since the lady is in the globe and can turn easily, it makes some sense...the howling also shows the suffering that comes during certain periods related to the moon (cramps, pms). I guess I stretch a bit too much sometimes lol !
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Le Chat 
The Moon

I almost always see this card as a positive. One of my favorites to draw. To me it's solving mysteries, uncovering truths. It's a time when I am the most intuitive and most in touch with nature and my inner self.

I also love the fact it is "The Woman in the Moon" instead of "The Man in the Moon." As said before, it intunes me to my "women cycles." I don't see the two wolves as menacing, but as protective. The candles as the gateway to the inner mysteries of life.

It is my favorite Moon card of all my decks; absolutely beautiful. And a very powerful card.
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