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spread for readers to ask re readings

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spread readers development

I was updating my readings index and came up with this, which could be used infrequently by readers. I have had a break of late, due to the fact I felt energies were not right, and could not put my finger on why.

This may help answer those questions in some small way. Layout will leave to you to decide ( I tend to not follow a rigid pattern anyway)


1 what are my strengths in doing readings

2 what are my weaknesses/areas to develop when doing readings.

3 Why am I blessed with guidance to do these readings?

4 How can I develop from this point onwards

5 How should I deal with blocks or feelings of readings not flowing well.

6 What actions should be avoided, which may affect spiritual connection

What is my lesson I am also learning as a reader when doing readings at this moment in time

If anyone uses this, let me know how it goes.

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sounds interesting
will let you know how it goes, when i use it!
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bdavis  bdavis is offline
Join Date: 01 Sep 2005
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I plan to try this myself. I also have several friends that have the gift to read but don't trust themselves enough so I will pass this on to them also...I'll be sure to let you know how it goes..Thanks and Blessings
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very interesting spread, thank you!
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lifeisdifficult  lifeisdifficult is offline
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Wink Thank you

I tried this spread tonight with two decks at once. It was very insightful. 3 of the same cards came up in different positions but they worked so well based on imagery. So much fun!
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Sunlit Wolf  Sunlit Wolf is offline
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Sunlit Wolf 
To Shadowdancer

It was interesting to read your message. It has been over a year now since I have completed a reading for friends or clients. I started to feel sick over a year ago and stopped doing readings. (I never read when I feel sick tired or have had a drink of alcohol.) Although I have recovered, I have not been able to do readings for others. I have used my favourite cards to give me guidance and I have had nothing but positive indications to move forward and commence the healing again.
To get to the point I was drawn to your thread and will ponder on it for a while. I do believe I am starting to feel the tingle that goes through me when I do readings. Thanks again...
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YDM42  YDM42 is offline
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Anyone want to post their results? I am willing to post mine. Should we start a thread to discuss the results? The imput of others might be helpful.
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intellem0s  intellem0s is offline
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i tried it..and posted it in the "Your Readings" section,
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Tried it and posted it in the Your Readings forum!
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ivanna  ivanna is offline
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I made it. My reading is here. Thank you!
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